Chapter 87

Edited and Proofread by KitKat

This past year was the happiest Mo Di had ever felt in two lifetimes.

There was no abuse, insult or isolation. Every minute and every second could make him smile unconditionally.

“Brother, I want to pitch in.”

Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng had been idle until the evening when they decided to roll up their sleeves and prepare a New Year’s Eve dinner.

Mu Tian Heng looked at Mo Di who had been following behind him like a tail and smiled. He gently pinched the soft cheek that was too enticing to the touch.

“Alright, but I don’t think we should make too much. Six dishes for the three of us should be ok.”

“Will that be enough? Let’s add two more.” Mo Di had always wanted to have a New Year’s Eve dinner with a tableful of food for everyone, he would get a little sense of happiness from seeing the array of different dishes. “Two appetizers, six main dishes, and a soup, how’s that?”

“Alright.” Mu Tian Heng rubbed Mo Di’s hair lovingly, “But let’s not make it too complicated. Let’s make something that we both can finish within an hour.”

“En!” Mo Di nodded excitedly.


At this time, Lai De Si popped his head up and said with a sly smile, “I won’t disturb you guys in your own personal world of two. I’ll bring Suan Suan out for a walk and wait for you to finish…”

“Come here and wash the vegetables.” Mu Tian Heng cut him off and gave him a commanding stare, “Don’t even try to skip work, or else you’ll also be dining with Suan Suan for dinner while looking at us eat.”

Ai!” Lai De Si howled, “I just wanted to give you two some alone time!”

“Cut your excuses and get to work. We’ll be eating in an hour’s time.” Mu Tian Heng threw a bag of potatoes at him, “My Mo Di is eleven years your junior, how could you have the decency to sit around while he cooks for you?” 

Lai De Si did not argue anymore, “…” Fine, that does sound reasonable.

Their New Year dinner was rich in flavors and variety. Mo Di showed off his skills with a few high-level dishes. There was a roiled spicy fish head, boiled fish fillet, grilled ribs with garlic, baked shrimps with cheese, fried lettuce, to name a few.

Lai De Si was drooling at the wide selection of dishes with attractive colors and fragrances.

“This smells too good!” Lai De Si swallowed his saliva but did not dig in. Instead, he separated the dishes and snapped a photo for each of them.

Even when Mo Di reached out to pour himself a bowl of soup, he was stopped by Lai De Si. “Wait, Xiao Di, don’t stick your hand out. Let me finish taking photos then you can eat.”

Mo Di: “…”

Mu Tian Heng came up from behind him and snatched the phone from his hand. He then threw it directly on the sofa behind.


Lai De Si wailed and ran to save his phone. 

“Mu Tian Heng you animal! I’m not done yet!!!”

Mu Tian Heng ignored him and went straight to Mo Di. “You wanted some soup? I’ll get it for you. Eat something else first.”

Mo Di looked at Lai De Si and couldn’t help whispering to Mu Tian Heng, “Brother, I think something is wrong with Lai De Si. Usually, he would be the first to move his chopsticks…”

“He’s pretending to be courteous. Don’t mind him.” Mu Tian Heng rubbed Mo Di’s hair and placed a bowl of soup in front of him.

The minute Mu Tian Heng stopped talking, they both heard Lai De Si’s polite and mellowed voice from behind, “En, that’s right, Xiao Di cooked most of the dishes. That Mu guy only made two. I also helped. The cleaning and cutting vegetables were all me… Hehehe, if you want you can come to eat with us, you’re always welcome here… Oh your favorite dish is broiled spicy fish head? Mine too, it’s my favorite dish as well. I’m preparing to learn it from Xiao Di, hehehe…”

Mo Di: “…”

So this was all for uncle Song to see.

He should have known that Lai De Si would be different since uncle Song had agreed to add him to his friends list. It was obviously still winter but it was as though spring had come for Lai De Si.

“If you’re not eating then we’ll be starting without you,” Mu Tian Heng looked at Lai De Si’s radiant face and said.

“Eat, of course I’m eating.” Lai De Si put his phone away and came over, “Xiao Yu has gone to eat so I’ll be eating too.”

Mo Di was speechless. If uncle Song was not going to eat, was Lai De Si going to starve himself?

Mu Tian Heng took out a bottle of champagne and poured Mo Di half a glass. The crystal clear golden liquid rippled in the wine glass. 

“The alcohol content is very low.” Mu Tian Heng handed Mo Di the glass, “You should have a sip but take some vegetables first.”

Mo Di took a small sip and blinked with satisfaction, “It’s sweet.”

Mu Tian Heng gleefully pinched his cheek. It seemed that after their little intimate episode in the morning, the ‘beast in sheep’s clothing’ Mu Tian Heng had gained another interest– to pinch the cheek of his little one.

Lai De Si said bitterly, “Beast.” 

Mu Tian Heng cast him a smile and said, “This is something you can only dream of as a single dog. I don’t think you’ll have a chance to do this anytime soon.”

“!” Lai De Si received a critical hit.

“Ha ha. Brother, have some vegetables.” Mo Di picked some vegetables for Mu Tian Heng. At the same time, he gave Lai De Si a comforting pat on the back.

After which, Mo Di went to the living room and tuned in to the Spring Festival Gala on the television.

Soon, they were entertained by the festive music and performances on screen. In an era when the New Year had gradually lost its traditional flair, the Spring Gala had yet remained the most extravagant event.

From a neutral standpoint, Mo Di thought that many of the performances were pretty outstanding, much unlike the general criticisms from the audience. 

This time was enjoyed with good food, conversation, and entertainment. It took the three of them two hours to empty every dish on the table. 

Lai De Si was dissatisfied as he could still eat a lot more.

Mu Tian Heng also felt barely full. Maybe because Mo Di’s craftsmanship was so delectable, he could consume any amount and still be left wanting more.

And Mo Di felt a sense of accomplishment that the eight dishes were cleanly devoured. He walked to Mu Tian Heng and grabbed his arm, “Brother, shall we make dumplings later?”

“Dumplings?!” Lai De Si’s ears stretched and he immediately jumped towards Mo Di, “Great! I want some too!”

Mu Tian Heng had finished putting the dirty dishes into the dishwasher and looked at the time while washing his hands, “It’s already eleven, will it be too late by the time we finish? Let’s do it tomorrow.” 

In fact, Mu Tian Heng just did not want to tire Mo Di.

“It won’t be that late.” Mo Di took out the meat from the refrigerator that the housekeeper had prepared for them yesterday and said, “Let’s grind this with the mixer and add in the seasoning in the process as well. We have a noodle machine which can help us make the dumpling wrappers easily.”

“The mixer can grind meat?” Mu Tian Heng did not know this.

“If we change the blade.” Mo Di opened the kitchen cabinet and said, “I saw the housekeeper do it before. Once the stuffing and dough are done, all we have to do is wrap the dumplings, it shouldn’t take too long. Since it’s a custom to observe the countdown on New Year’s eve, we can eat the dumplings while welcoming the New Year. This is also the sign of an auspicious year.”

“Then you have to teach me as well. I want to be able to make it for my family back in America.”

Mu Tian Heng wanted an excuse to help because he did not want Mo Di to do this alone.

“Great! I’ll teach you!” Mo Di did not think much. He only knew that he wanted to spend more time with Mu Tian Heng. Even if all they did was add the seasoning and wrap the dumplings, it was still a treasurable moment!

Lai De Si was the happiest.

‘Hehehe… More good food is coming!’ And he could even learn to make it for Xiao Yu next time!

After the dumplings were cooked, the three had a wonderful meal while watching the Spring Gala come to an end.

“This is the last act.” Mo Di looked at the clock on the table and said, “Brother, it’s almost one, time to go to bed.”

“Let Lai De Si deal with dishes. Don’t go easy on him.” Mu Tian Heng grabbed Mo Di and lifted him up.

“Ah!” Mo Di was taken by surprise. When he settled down, he was already riding on Mu Tian Heng’s abs. He bent down and kissed Mu Tian Heng on the cheek.

Mu Tian Heng’s chest quivered with pleasure. He shifted Mo Di to one side and looked at him with tender affections. “It’s bedtime, I’ll send you back to your room.”

Mo Di’s ears were all red but he still nodded, “Hmm!”

Lai De Si watched them with a sour look. He bitterly took the dirty dishes and brought them to the dishwasher in the kitchen, then quickly opened his phone to text Song Yu.

He also had someone ok!

Although … Although that person still had not accepted him.

The next day, Mo Di slept till eight in the morning. Afterwhich, Mu Tian Heng brought him out to play. They climbed the Great Wall, visited the Forbidden City and Fragrant Hills, had a big meal, went to the movies– they spent the whole day sweetly entangled together.

On the second day of the New Year, Mu Tian Heng once again brought Mo Di out to have fun in the morning but they returned by noon. The two then spent some quiet time chatting and reading on the large marbled terrace.

The heating in the room was perfectly comfortable and on the thick cashmere carpets Mo Di laid in Mu Tian Heng’s embrace while they talked and kissed.

The sunshine was vibrant.

As was the happiness that could melt his heart.


But the good times were always destined to be short.

The three days of break were over in the blink of an eye and Mo Di had to return to the base that night.

Mu Tian Heng personally drove Mo Di who was sighing with a dull look.

Mu Tian Heng was just as reluctant to part with him. He pinched Mo Di’s cheek and comforted him, “Cheer up. You have the semi-finals coming and after that, everything should be over in less than two months. Think about the championship and benefits you’re going to get from it. Your company can definitely get a boost from winning this competition. Just concentrate on this and you’ll be happy.”

“Hmm, the thought does make me feel happy.” Mo Di nodded.

Mu Tian Heng gently patted his head then rested his hand on Mo Di’s neck, “Good boy.”


When Mo Di got back, he found that the group had gathered in front of the computer screen watching and discussing something.

Having heard the sound of footsteps, Chen Zhao turned and the moment he saw Mo Di, his face changed and he almost jumped up from his seat.

“Ah! Xiao, Xiao Di, you’re back!”

“What are you guys up to?” Mo Di frowned. Chen Zhao’s reaction was clearly spelled that something was up.

The others heard Chen Zhao’s words and they all stood up in a hurry. They said while fumbling with their words, “Xiao Di, you… You’re back already.”

Mo Di’s suspicion increased. He walked towards them and inquired, “What exactly are you guys doing?”

“Haha, that, we, we’re just watching a variety show.” Xian Yu Chao forced a smile while turning off his computer.

“What variety show?”

Pang Qian Lang: “Just, just a short documentary?”

“Right… That’s right, a documentary!” Lin Jun Feng echoed.

Han Chao couldn’t bear to look at the two bumbling idiots and covered his face.

“Why are you watching a documentary at this time?” Mo Di became serious and looked at them sternly, “Quickly tell me the truth! What were you doing just now?”

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  1. While using Mo Di to ingratiate himself with Song Yu is clever, I still can’t help feeling Lai De Si has lost a few brain cells. Haha! It’s a good thing he’s cute! I like puppy dog gongs! Though the main couple is still more interesting to read about for me.

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  2. Lai De Si is clever – he knows Song Yu is fond of Mo Di and uses it as a point of connection 😉
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  3. Mu Tian Heng wanted an excuse to help because he did want Mo Di to do this alone.

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