Chapter 84

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Mo Di called Mu Tian Heng and the latter said he didn’t mind.

Mo Di relayed the message to Chen Zhao who gleefully said, “Alright, I’ll call my uncle and have him book a table for four to five people.”

“En, It might really be five,” Mo Di thought of Lai De Si and smiled, “My brother’s good friend might be coming as well, but it’s not certain.”

“Good friend? Is it Lai De Si?” Chen Zhao and the gang all knew Lai De Si and this group of jokesters got along really well, almost as though the age gap was non-existent.

Mo Di nodded.

Chen Zhao said, “No problem. I’m sure my uncle won’t mind. Brother Lai De Si has a great personality, I’m sure he can liven up the atmosphere.”

Mo Di thought about Lai De Si’s personality and agreed that he was a jolly person.

That being the case, he was not sure if Uncle Song, who had a more mellowed nature, would get along with a jester like Lai De Si.

And Mo Di never had to worry about his family’s Mu Tian Heng. His dear brother had the highest EQ of all! The way he socialized would make anyone feel comfortable. Uncle Song would definitely not have a problem with him.


At 8:30pm that night, the big gate was opened, allowing Mo Di and those who were heading home to leave the base. Mo Di and Chen Zhao bid farewell to Xian Yu Chao, Lin Jun Feng, and Han Chao who were staying behind.

As they had agreed in advance to meet at the east gate, Uncle Song was also waiting for them there. 

As soon as they exited the premises, Mo Di could see Mu Tian Heng’s Maybach parked on the side of the road. He was about to run to it when Chen Zhao grabbed his arm.

“Uncle! My uncle’s car is over there!” 

Mo Di was pulled by Chen Zhao towards a Mercedes parked right across from the Maybach. His body was forced to move in one direction but his head kept looking back at the Maybach. 

Mu Tian Heng clearly saw the scene illuminated under the streetlight and his heart melted. He immediately got out of the car.

Mo Di was a few steps away from the Mercedes when Mu Tian Heng caught up and his long arm grabbed hold of Mo Di.

“Where are you taking my family’s child?”

“!” Chen Zhao was about to reach for the car’s door when he turned around and saw Mu Tian Heng. His joyous expression turned to shock, “B, big boss…”

He was so happy seeing his uncle that he forgot about Mu Tian Heng!

Mo Di looked up at Mu Tian Heng, whose arm was wrapped around him and his eyes sparkled. The warm chest he was leaning on gave him immeasurable comfort.

He smiled and said to Mu Tian Heng, “Brother, this is Uncle Song’s car. We’re here to greet him.”

Just then, the car’s window was lowered and Song Yu peeked out from it. He had just hung up his phone when he saw them coming. “Sorry, I was on the phone just now.”

Song Yu opened the door and stepped out of the car. He pushed his glasses up and nodded at Mu Tian Heng whom he had heard so much about from Chen Zhao. He was the one who had been helping Mo Di and at the same time, was also the most talented and capable entrepreneur of this century.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Song Yu.”

There was an undetectable change in Mu Tian Heng’s expression the moment he laid eyes on Song Yu. He held out his hand and greeted him with a smile, “Hello, I’m Mu Tian Heng.”

Song Yu shook hands with Mu Tian Heng and said, “I did not think I’d be able to get acquainted with CEO Mu. It’s an honor.”

“Dr. Song is too humble. You can call me by my name. We’re friends now, there’s no need to be so formal,” Mu Tian Heng continued, “In fact, Dr. Song did an operation for an elder of a friend and he’s recovering perfectly well. Your medical skill is miraculous.”

“What a coincidence! I’m glad to hear that. It’s my duty to treat patients. I’m happy as long as they’re fine.”

“Ai, when will you guys finish talking? It’s time to go for dinner.”

Lai De Si’s voice suddenly came from behind them. 

They all turned and saw him dressed in a fluffy red down jacket, walking slowly towards them with his hands tucked into his pockets. Under the streetlight, his brown curly hair bounced with each step. “Aren’t you all hungry? I’m already…!”

Lai De Si suddenly choked back his words as though something was lodged in his throat. His eyes widened and his face turned red as he stood frozen in place.

Song Yu saw him and greeted him with a smile, “Hello. It’s my fault for holding everyone up, my apologies. Shall we go now?”

Upon hearing Song Yu’s voice, Lai De Si had an even more dramatic reaction. His heart thumped harder and there was a buzzing sound in his ears.

Song Yu was curious about his strange reaction. He looked at Lai De Si then turned back to Mo Di and jested, “Xiao Di, I seem to have frightened your friend.”

“That’s not it. Uncle Song, you’ve misunderstood. I think he’s just nervous,” Mo Di said. He too was curious about Lai De Si’s reaction but he knew it was by no means a frightened look.

“Brother, what’s wrong with Lai De Si?” Mo Di decided to ask the ‘high EQ’ Mu Tian Heng who definitely would know what was going on.

Mu Tian Heng was also eyeing Lai De Si with great interest but he would never admit that he was just being nosy.

Who would have thought that this Song Yu was… 

Lai De Si’s secret crush for n years which ended up fizzling out even before it started.

Mu Tian Heng only knew that the doctor his friend mentioned was named Song Yu but they had never actually met. This was why he did not know that it was this Dr. Song who Lai De Si was crazy about all these years. Had he known, this meeting would have happened long ago.

Seeing Song Yu for the first time, even he was surprised, let alone Lai De Si. 

In fact, he was not even sure that Song Yu was the Song of that year. After all, his only impression of this Song was through Lai De Si’s endless banter about him and the framed picture he hung on his bedroom wall which he would ask about every now and then if the person in the photo was handsome. Having been indoctrinated for so long, there was no way he wouldn’t remember this existence.

But what he had was only a vague impression and an outdated photo; He could not ascertain whether Song Yu was “the one” or not. But seeing how Lai De Si reacted, he was a hundred percent sure that Song Yu was the one Lai De Si had secretly been in love with all these years.

“About this…” Mu Tian Heng said, “It’s probably because…”

“Mu!!!” Lai De Si snapped out of his daze and howled at Mu Tian Heng. He came running and exclaimed, “You, you, you, shut up!”

Lai De Si’s shout startled everyone except Mu Tian Heng.

Song Yu took a closer look at Lai De Si and was slightly excited, “Sorry but… Have we met?”

Song Yu actually wanted to ask if he had somehow offended Lai De Si to make him react this way. 

Lai De Si heard Song Yu talking to him and he turned dumb. His eyes were popping out and he unconsciously began to stutter, “I, I, I… I!”

Song Yu was very patient. He kept smiling and asked, “We’ve met before, haven’t we?”

“!!!” Lai De Si’s heart was beating so fast he almost had a heart attack.

What should he say? What should he say?!

His brain was too messed up to think!!!

Mu Tian Heng shook his head helplessly at the stupefied Lai De Si. He broke the tension and said lightly, “Let’s get moving first. How about we talk at the restaurant? It’s already quite late.”

Mo Di seemed to have figured out something and gave Lai De Si a meaningful glance. “Brother is right, let’s go to the restaurant first. Uncle Song, which restaurant did you book? We’ll be going in two cars.”

“It’s an old family restaurant at the end of an alley near the eastern suburbs. It’s not easy to find so I’ll show you the way. Just follow my car,” Song Yu smiled and continued, “I’ve wanted to treat you to dinner for so long, let’s not delay it any longer.”

“Great! Let’s go let’s go!” Chen Zhao cheered and pushed Song Yu into the car then hurried to the passenger seat.


Mo Di followed Mu Tian Heng back to the Maybach. As he passed by Lai De Si, he gave him a pat which made him jump.

“Brother Lai De Si, come back to us.” Mo Di was also speechless with Lai De Si’s performance. He could not even talk right, how was he to confess?

Mo Di was able to figure out that Song Yu was probably the person Lai De Si mentioned when he was giving him love advice regarding Mu Tian Heng. 

What an unexpected turn of events! The world is so big yet so small.

Mo Di hoped that Lai De Si would man up and pursue Song Yu since he had been in love with him for so long. He also hoped that Song Yu would have someone who treated him well.

After all, they had missed the chance to meet each other in their previous lives.

Not only that, they were actually separated by death.

Since they were able to meet in this life, none of them should have to live with regrets.

Seeing Lai De Si sitting next to him as though he had lost his soul, Mo Di decided to help him. 

He cleared his throat and said, “Brother Lai De Si, do you … like Uncle Song?”

“?!!” Lai De Si shot up and almost hit the roof of the car. “You, you … you little imp, what are you talking about? What do you know? D, d, don’t speak nonsense.”

His first impression just now was so disastrous, and on top of that, he had dressed badly today! He absolutely couldn’t let his secret thoughts be exposed lest he fails to confess once again!!!

He ran a plan through his head. ‘Why don’t I wait for two weeks?…. No, one week, no no, let’s make it three days. After three days, this bad image of mine would be cleanly forgotten. And then, I would dress handsomely and once again appear in front of Song Yu. After that we could… we could become friends.’

That’s right, his name is Song Yu, what a beautiful name!

Before this, he only knew him by Song.

While mulling over this, Lai De Si had an idiotic look on his face. He leaned his head against the window and looked longingly at the Mercedes that had not moved yet.

Mo Di shook his head and sighed for his sake. He felt that his mission of trying to bring them together might be more difficult than he thought.

Mu Tian Heng looked at the little busybody and felt like laughing. He reached out and rubbed Mo Di’s hair, “Don’t worry about him.”

Mo Di looked at Mu Tian Heng and whispered, “Brother, did you know that Lai De Si likes Uncle Song?”

“Of course, little one, how did you know?”

“His actions were too transparent just now. Plus, I also know he has someone he likes.”

“Oh?” this was new to Mu Tian Heng, “You guys talk about this stuff?”

Cough … en, it came up when we were having a casual talk,” Mo Di cleared his throat and continued, “Brother, do you think Uncle Song could also see that Lai De Si likes him?”

“Maybe, maybe not,” Mu Tian Heng laughed, “His stupid look and weird behavior might be obvious to us but to Song Yu, he might think that there’s something wrong with Lai De Si. He might even assume that his inability to speak was because of some hidden psychological illness instead of him just being shy.”

“I heard that!” Lai De Si’s loud voice cut through their conversation, “How dare you speak ill of me when I’m right here! I dare you to do it behind my back!”

“Fine.” Mu Tian Heng answered casually.

Lai De Si: “…..” He knew he looked stupid just now ok!

Mo Di snickered softly but seeing how Lai De Si was beating himself up, he decided to comfort him, “Brother Lai De Si, I don’t think it was that bad. When Uncle Song knows that you had feelings for him way before you two met, he would look back at this moment and think that you’re cute. After all, one would only behave like that if they faced someone they like.”

Lai De Si was still in a depressed state, “I just want him to forget the image of me looking like a fool…”

Eight years! It’s been eight years! He was so lucky to be able to meet with his dream lover again and that was how he acted!

He just wants to kill himself!

Mo Di said with some sympathy, “Of course, I can understand that.”

Lai De Si glared at him.

Mu Tian Heng cut in, “Keep staring at my Mo Di and I’ll make you get out of the car. If Dr. Song asks, I’ll be telling him that you needed the toilet and exited the car in a hurry but ended up falling on your butt and had to be hospitalized.”

Lai De Si choked up, “Mu Tian Heng, you sure have a poisonous tongue!”

“That so? Thank you for the compliment,” Mu Tian Heng smiled back at him.

Lai De Si grit his teeth in anger.

On the other hand, Chen Zhao was also talking to Song Yu about Lai De Si.

“Uncle, I feel like Brother Lai De Si has feelings for you…” Chen Zhao had a complicated look, “His behavior was just too weird.”

Song Yu did not have a big reaction, “Nonsense.”

When they first met, he thought that Lai De Si had something against him. After which, he thought that he might have a social barrier. It was only near the end that he actually wondered if Lai De Si liked him.

But he never believed in love at first sight and even so, his reaction was too big for that to be the case.

Song Yu was not looking for a casual relationship, he wanted something that would last. Especially after Mo San Zhi, he wanted someone whose feelings for him could stand the test of time.

However, in this impetuous society, it was not easy to find a trustworthy partner. And the impulse of falling in love at first sight was also something that he could not wrap his head around.

Speaking of which, Lai De Si reminded him of a student from another school that he had met in his sophomore year. The boy was just like Lai De Si. He was taller and bigger than him but would always blush at the sight of him. Every day for a year, he would sit at the basketball court he frequented and watched him play with a foolish smile. 

But that kid had red hair and was overweight, and he was not as handsome as Lai De Si.

Back then he was too focused on his studies. Even when he knew that that boy liked him and that he himself was into men, he still refused to give him his contact info after the boy finally had the courage to ask him for it.

This was something he had left behind a long time ago. He hadn’t seen nor thought of the boy ever since. Looking back, the big fool was not that bad, at least, his feelings were sincere.

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