RCFN Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Mo Di did not get to hear Wen Ru Ya’s final response because when his focus returned after eavesdropping by the corridor…

Mu Tian Heng was already standing behind him!!

Mo Di almost flinched from being startled but he still put on a calm expression. Pretending that it was a coincidence, he asked Mu Tian Heng in a sweet voice: “Brother, you’re also going to the toilet?”

Mu Tian Heng said: “I’m not going to the toilet. I’m here to look for a certain little boy who fell into the toilet. Have you seen him?”

Mo Di: “…”

Mo Di submissively went back with Mu Tian Heng. 

After Mu Tian Heng led Mo Di back to their seat, he did not show any interest in asking Mo Di about what just happened. He only helped him with his food and let him drink his juice. Mo Di kept his silence for a while. Until he couldn’t stay quiet anymore that he explained with a little bit of guilt: “Brother, the truth is I intentionally went to look for my eldest cousin’s girlfriend.”

“Uhm. Why were you looking for her?”

Hearing that Mu Tian Heng’s voice was as usual, gentle and patient, Mo Di knew that he did not mind and was not angry. He couldn’t help but feel relieved.

He hesitated, then said: “I …I want to help her break up with my eldest cousin.”

“Break up?”

Mu Tian Heng served Mo Di a big shrimp, “Didn’t you say that you and she aren’t acquainted? She might not listen to a stranger like you.”


Mo Di did not speak. He just stared at the shrimp in his bowl while his face inexplicably turned red. And it was not the kind which he held his breath on purpose to create, it was a real …shyness?

He thought that it was because Mu Tian Heng had picked the food for him, and this seemingly intimate act made one with a guilty conscience such as himself feel a little uneasy.

“Thank you, brother, I …I can do it myself.” Mo Di used his obedient voice to thank Mu Tian Heng. He then drank a mouthful of sour plum soup and said softly: “I know she may not listen to me but I still think it’s necessary to remind her that my eldest cousin is not a good man. If she married him, she won’t be happy. At that time, the person with the lowest status in the family will probably be her.”

Actually, it was not probably, it was definitely.

In his previous life, after he was found by the Mo family and Qin Cheng Yi and then forced into the mental hospital, a haggard Wen Ru Ya came to visit him once. At that time, she was about thirty-seven but looked like she was in her forties, unlike the other socialites who were in their forties but maintained their late twenties look.

It could be seen how unhappy it was for Wen Ru Ya.

At that time, Wen Ru Ya probably had just divorced Mo Yi Cheng. When she came to see him, she did not say anything. Maybe she did not know what to say or that she knew whatever she said would be useless. After all, she was incapable of doing anything to help him.

Mo Di did not want to talk to Wen Ru Ya or ask about her situation either. He was a sane man locked in a mental hospital, suffering from all kinds of torture every day. And as a man who had almost exhausted his will to live, he was not qualified nor capable of sympathizing with others

But in this life, everything was starting afresh.

If possible, he hoped that all the innocent cannon fodder, including Wen Ru Ya, would stay away from the Mo family fire pit. Once you entered the Mo family, there were only two options: one was to assimilate yourself and become the same as the rest of the family, just like his sweet-tongued aunts-in-law. Two was to be the existence for them to trample on.

But at present, becoming like his aunts-in-law was no longer possible. After all, when they entered the family, Mo Liu Gui was not born yet. And when they gave birth one child after another, their position in the family was stabilized. After Mo Liu Gui was born along with him, the footstool for everyone, his aunts-in-law were able to smoothly transition into the Mo family cult and become a moderate abuser. 

However, the Mo family structure was no longer the same – their footstool was gone

Of course, if his advice weren’t heeded, he would not spend any effort on them. He’s not a Priest. In order to prevent himself from falling into that horrifying ending, he was mentally and physically exhausted treading on thin ice. There was not much energy left to save others.

Mu Tian Heng did not doubt Mo Di’s words. He gave it some thought and said: “If you want to persuade or remind her, it can be done anonymously. There’s no need for direct communication. Anyway, the internet is currently filled with the videos showing the Mo family’s behaviours and mindset, so there’s no need for you to explain or add too much. All you have to do is give her a little push, and that’s enough. If after watching the video and receiving your anonymous advice, she still insisted on marrying Mo Yi Cheng, then this person is beyond help, you can’t hope to persuade her.”

“I understand.”

Mo Di looked at Mu Tian Heng with unrivalled attention and nodded cleverly. Next, he flattered Mu Tian Heng in utmost sincerity: “Brother, you’re incredible! Your take on the matter is very logical and reasonable! I didn’t even think of it before!”

“Flattery is useless.” Mu Tian Heng had a helpless and endearing smile on his face. He filled up a bowl of green bean and lotus seed soup and placed it in front of Mo Di: “Drink. Finish it and I’ll forgive your little trick just now.”

“Yes sir!”

Mo Di saluted and reached out both hands to take the soup bowl, then gulped it down at lightning speed.

Then he belched and looked at Mu Tian Heng with his beautiful eyes.

“Brother, you can forgive me now?”

A sudden animalistic thought entered Mu Tian Heng’s mind. For a moment, he wanted to pull the little guy into his arms and kiss those ink-painting-like eyes. 

But in the end, his human ego still suppressed the beast inside. Mu Tian Heng gave out a steady cough: “Um.”

Then he stretched his hand to gently rub Mo Di’s feel-good-hair as compensation for having to give up the kiss.

….in fact, that was still quite animalistic.

When Mo Di and Mu Tian Heng returned home that night, it was already past ten. After bidding each other goodnight, they washed up and rested.


Knowing that the public mentality was almost in place, Mo Di did not surf the net. And the news regarding Zhang Khuang Chang and Mo Shi Hong’s sentence that he was most enthusiastic about would only be announced the next day.

Hence, he was not in a hurry. Time was better spent planning the eating trip for tomorrow. Mu Tian Heng had two days off which meant he would be busy again the day after tomorrow. He must make sure the arrangements for tomorrow were perfect.


That said, Mo Di still could not fully concentrate on planning out the food tour. After all, the biggest time bomb, Qin Cheng Yi, was still lurking somewhere, planning something he could not speculate. Without receiving a notice from the police, he could not relax completely.

Meanwhile, in one of the most luxurious villas of the capital, Qin Cheng Yi was having a video conference with his father, Qin Jie Guang.

Qin Jie Guang was clearly not in a good mood. With an awful expression, he said: “Is there logic for the things you do behind my back? Since you’re so capable, why do you still need me to clean up your mess?”

“I was momentarily careless and made a mistake. This doesn’t need your concern. I can settle this by tomorrow.” Qin Cheng Yi was gloomy and his attitude was nowhere good, “It seems your mistresses weren’t able to make you happy? You even have time to be bothered with me.”

“You little brat! How can you talk to your father that way?” Qin Jie Guang’s face turned beet red from anger. “I’m telling you, you’re not allowed to deal with the Mo family’s problems. You want to court that Mo girl, fine, up to you, but you can’t interfere with anything else. Especially that fabricating crime, you better stay out of trouble!”

“Do you know that the College Exam fraud case is already known throughout the whole country? The higher-ups are all paying attention to it. Do you know how many connections I have to find, how much hush money I have to pay to clean up your mess? You little brat still doesn’t know what’s good for you!” 

“There was no need for you to meddle, I could’ve handled it myself. I can clean my own mess. I have a handle on Zhang Kuang Chang and ways to keep him from exposing me. You find it hard to find connections and had to spend that much money only meant that you’re already old and useless.”

“And one more thing,” Qin Cheng Yi stared at Qin Jie Guang coldly with those violent eyes, “Don’t you dare touch Xiao Gui, otherwise, old man, you will regret it.”

“What do you mean you son of a bitch?! Threatening your father?  Are you trying to kill me? Do you even treat me as your father?! What medicine did that Mo Liu Gui give you…. beep——!” Qin Jie Guan swept the computer to the ground in his anger.

“That little jerk dared to hang up on me! I can’t get him to listen anymore!!!”

“Director Qin,” an elite looking man stood aside respectfully, he waited for Qin Jie Guang to calm: “What you mentioned before….are we still doing it?”

“Of course! Get it done!” Qin Jie Guang ordered secretary Sun to cut a cigar for him, “If I don’t stop this little brat, he’s going to dig a hole for me. The older he gets, the more outrageous he becomes. Even have the guts to break the law! When I was his age, my hands were clean!”

Secretary Sun standing next to him only bowed his head and dared not voice his inner thought: ‘Well, now your hands are definitely not clean.’

“Give out strict orders for Yan Peng and his men to deal with what I said before. Make sure the little brat is cleanly separated from this case. Zhang Kuang Chang also needs to be dealt with. And one important thing, do not let that brat reach out to anyone for the sake of helping that girl, Mo Liu Gui’s father, or else, there will be trouble.”

“Yes!” Secretary Sun passed the lighted cigar to Qin Jie Guang and retreated quickly. After he left, his face did not look too good.

The young master’s influence was developing surprisingly fast, almost on par with the master’s connections and resources. If they wanted to prevent his side from taking actions, they had to exert at least eighty percent of their capacity.

He was afraid that in less than two years, the young master’s backing and power could surpass that of the master’s even if his financial resources were not as good. But when the time comes, the small-fries like him would be the first to suffer.

After his shower, Mu Tian Heng received a phone call from Assistant Gao reporting that he noticed there was a quite formidable power trying to stop the Qin family from meddling, and that power seemed to be very familiar with Qin Cheng Yi’s methods. Assistant Gao wanted to know if Mu Tian Heng wanted to take action.

Mu Tian Heng raised his brows in surprise, thought it over and said: “No, just keep an eye on them for now. If you find that the opposing force is not able to handle Qin Cheng Yi, or that they stopped doing so, then we move in.”


Mu Tian Heng hung up. His pupils converged slightly. It seemed that the ones who were interfering with the investigation before were not entirely the Qin family’s doing. The underground forces in the capital ran deeper than he thought. The Qin father and son both have diverging plans, each with their own thoughts. Guess every family has its own problems. And the government, its people and their interests were equally complicated.

This could get interesting.


The next day.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Mo Di was woken up by three consecutive chimes sent to his phone.

Mo Di randomly flicked the screen. In a daze, he read the latest text and suddenly sprang right up, completely awake.

  • Zhang Kuang Chang pleaded guilty for leaking the College Entrance Examination questions and acknowledged his attempt to frame Mo Di. Zhang Kuang Chang’s brother is the general manager of the Ma family’s company. After being arrested, Zhang Kuang Chang was worried that the Ma family would seek his brother for revenge if he were to offend them. At the same time, he also heard of the Mo family’s youngest master whose character is immoral and is disliked by his family, he also has a bad reputation in school, so…
  • In the College Entrance Exam Fraud Case, there is irrefutable proof that Mo Shi Hong was involved in fabricating evidence and misleading the police. He will be charged and a hearing will commence at the People’s Court in ten days. When the time comes…
  • According to experts’ predictions, this year’s temperature will reach a record high in the last ten decades…

Mo Shi Hong had been charged!

The court session was in ten days!

A smile spread across Mo Di’s lips unnaturally. The next moment, he stuffed himself into the blanket, laughing heartily till his tears fell.

This was just the first step. The Mo family members would line up one by one to receive the punishment and retribution they deserve!

Mo Shi Hong was just the beginning, a beautiful beginning.

Mo Di took Mu Tian Heng to an eating place called Bai Nian Lu Dian at Huangfu Road where he was recognized when they were queuing up. From the crowd came a fifty-something-years-old woman criticizing him for being unfilial and that ‘all parents are right’. He should have taken the initiative to understand Mo Shi Hong and not let him be sued. But Mo Di was in a very good mood today, so good that he was not fazed by her. He smirked in his heart but used a neutral tone to patiently explain to her that in the College Exam Fraud Case, Mo Shi Hong committed a crime and was being prosecuted by law, no one can change this.

When he finished explaining, an old lady immediately chimed in to contradict the woman, saying that she had never seen such an awful person. That kind of animal was not worthy of being a parent. Several young girls nearby also voiced their disapproval and said that such a human scum should be severely sentenced.

Seeing how the passer-bys had supported him, Mo Di’s good mood was indestructible.

Mu Tian Heng beside him rubbed his hair and whispered to him: “The customers here are mostly very sensible. Indeed a good restaurant.”

Mo Di was instantly amused, this was the first time he heard that that was how a store was judged.

Why was it that the more time he spent with Mu Tian Heng, the more he felt that Mu Tian Heng was not just reliable, calm, matured, and charming, but also….also quite interesting and cute?

After this day had passed, Mu Tian Heng went back to his busy-as-a-beaver life.

At the same time, Mo Di also began to get occupied. The critical part of the second phase of his plans had begun: to rebuild his company, take the games that he had made, the ones that the Mos had taken from him, and make it known throughout Hua Xia, and eventually, the world!

The first thing Mo Di did was to accept a multitude of translating orders online to earn money. Then he sold his old computer and everything in his possession that was of value. When enough was accumulated, he bought a  fully equipped high-grade computer and started programming the game.

Bustling times passed quickly and by the time Mo Di realized it, it was already ten days later, the time for Mo Shi Hong’s court trial.

Mo Di wanted to see Mo Shi Hong’s sentence with his own eyes. He wanted to know if his good father felt any trace of regret.

Of course, he was not expecting Mo Shi Hong to regret how he had treated him. What he wanted to see was the regret that just for framing him, he had falsified evidence and in turn landed himself in jail.

Because Mu Tian Heng was too busy, Mo Di had to go to the court alone. He came in a hat and mask.

Cell phones had to be turned off during the court session and so Mo Di did not realize that today was also when the College Entrance Exam’s results would be announced. His scores could already be checked.

And what he did not know was that Xia Jia International School had already printed his name and results on a banner displayed at the top of the school main gate.

“Congratulations to my school mate Mo Di! With 729 points, he’s placed first in the College Entrance Exam of the Capital!”

The news of the results spread like wildfire and was caught by the media. All kinds of fancy writings were broadcasted on the general public’s phones.

“The first place of the College Entrance Entrance is released! Mo Di of Xia Jia International School won with 729 points!”

“Once framed for cheating in the exam, Mo Di’s results had been published and it’s a high score of 729, winning the top scholar place in the whole capital!”

“Honed by hardship, Mo Di who was framed by Zhang Kuang Chang and abused by his family, emerged a winner with the score of 729, highest in the whole College Entrance Exam!”

Coincidentally, these tweets were mostly accompanied by “Mo Shi Hong’s crime in the College Entrance Exam Fraud Case is being judged.”

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  1. No one else thinks it’s weird that MC is deathly allergic to cocoa but thinks a chocolate dessert is delicious? Just me?

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  2. I think I’ve done it, I think I finally figured out what Mo Lui Gui is. She must be a succubus, and the reason why people love her so much is because of her succubus charm. Although she must be a new breed of succubus so that she doesn’t need to get energized sexually, and only needs affection

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