I Woke Up to a Pregnancy

There’s also a little spoiler in my review so beware.

Similar to RCFN, we have a down-on-his-luck protagonist and an everyone-loves-me antagonist. But the characters in this one are more ‘sane’ I guess. The father and brother do not persecute the MC and the supporters are more down to earth.

The beginning is really heart wrenching. The protagonist’s leg was broken by his father and at that time he had no money to treat it, so he became a cripple. We were told bits by bits of how loving his family was before and then how they treated him after. The really sad thing is that the father and brother really did love the MC a lot which is why the antagonist here is super hateful.

Then we have the ML which is the typical wealthy, understanding, and supportive. They met and the MC fell in love at first sight and by accident, ML thought of the MC as his mysterious mermaid after the night they had together. A little sweet one-sided love story. 

The only complaint I have for this novel is that the MC and ML did not have much to do with antagonists’ demise. The MC just focused on his career as a film director and would rarely clash with the antagonist, partly because his father and brother had dealt with them behind the scene for him. 

Overall it was quite a good read. The MC is likable. The novel follows his film directing successes which is actually enjoyable. As for the ML, I find there’s not too much uniqueness to him after so many BL novels, but that’s just me. They are still a cute couple.

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