RCFN Chapter 17

Chapter 17

The score was a little higher than he had expected. Mo Di’s mood was lifted for a while until his thoughts floated back to the Mo family. The smile on his face faded.

Like eleven years ago, Mo Liu Gui will probably get upset and cry again. And the Mo family, are they going to have a heartache to the point of exploding?

And wouldn’t they love to snatch him back to give him a good ‘educating’?

That’s too bad because this time, there will not be a fool who thought his brothers finally took a liking to him when they wanted to see him, who had used up all his savings to buy them toys, who waited behind the back garden thinking his brothers were going to take him to play but what they gave him were merciless beatings and scoldings.

There will also not be a kid who was beaten till his right leg was almost disabled and had to be saved by his sister’s ‘kindness’.

Such…a pity.

Mo Di had a sneer on his lips. He walked to the desk and took out his books. Instead of wasting his time thinking about the Mo family, he might as well spend it on studying.

Indeed, Mo Di was right. Shortly after the results were released, Mo Liu Gui lowered her head on the table after seeing the result. When the other students asked her many times with concern, she only raised her head and showed a delicate smile.


Zhu Wen Ze was on his way to the men’s when he saw this scene. His heart ached to the extreme, but he had to keep it in. This was because his parents had forbidden him from interacting with Mo Liu Gui before the college entrance exams or they would not help him get into x university through unofficial channels. 

But there was no way he could stand by and do nothing while his goddess was depressed. So the first thing he did was to call her brother, Mo Wu Hang, to let him console her.

In less than an hour, every member of the Mo family had already gotten the news.

The Mo patriarch was so upset that he wanted to go to school immediately to see his baby granddaughter. When Mo Shi Hong knew that Mo Di’s score exceeded Mo Liu Gui’s, he smashed the china set in anger. 

“That bastard!!!”

“Third brother, don’t be too agitated.” The eldest aunt standing nearby tried to soothe him. “Xiao Gui has high demand for herself. Her ranking dropped, she will inevitably feel sad. But you just returned from the hospital, don’t let this affect your health, or else Xiao Gui will be more upset. That child is so filial. If she sees that you’re unwell, she’ll blame herself.”

“Uncle, Grandpa, I’ll pick Xiao Gui up at noon and comfort her.” Mo Wu Hang said, then gnashed his teeth. “I’ll also bring back that beast Mo Di. He dared to hurt Xiao Gui. I have to skin him alive!”

“When that bastard was born, I said to either give or throw him away. That thing took all the nutrients meant for Xiao Gui, causing her to stay in the incubator. I knew he was a disaster from the first sight! That bastard!” Mo Shi Hong was red with anger. “Today I have to bring back that beast and see if his conscience was fed to the dogs!”

“It’s all my fault…” Ruan Qing Dan had red eyes and was sniffing into a piece of tissue. “I saw that he was so small, so I stopped you. If I hadn’t done that, my Xiao Gui wouldn’t have been wronged by him. It’s all my fault!”

“Sister-in-law, you can’t blame yourself. You’re his mother, of course you’ll be reluctant. Every mother loves their child. It’s just that some children ….sigh, just can’t be taught.” The second aunt at her side held her hand: “You’re not to blame.”

It seemed that everyone had forgotten that there was also a small little Mo Di in the incubator as well. Little Mo Di’s health was no better than his sister’s and his weight was only three jin*, which was eight liang* lighter than Mo Liu Gui’s.

TN: 1 jin is 500 grams, and 1 liang is 50 grams. So newborn Mo Di weighed 1.5kg, and Mo Liu Gui would have been 400g heavier.

But that was not important. What was important was that Mo Liu Gui was born weak, and Mo Di, although even weaker, he still lived, and this was a mistake. He robbed Mo Liu Gui of nutrition and it was the ironclad evidence that he was a disaster! Without him, their darling princess would have been born a healthy child!

“Don’t blame yourself too much.” Mo Shi Hong comforted Ruan Qing Dan and said: “That bastard from birth is deemed a disaster. This seventeen years has proved that he can’t be taught. He keeps on trying to make Xiao Gui upset. When he comes back this time, we have to give him good teaching! Worst comes to worse, we’ll just kick him out of the house and cut off all ties with him!” 

“Uncle, you want to break all ties with Mo Di?” Mo Wu Hang asked immediately. “At the legal level?”

“This…” The eldest aunt who had been warm and gentle looked at Mo Shi Hong, then at the grand patriarch and said: “Father, third brother is a little impulsive. Since the law on severance came to pass, in these five years, there were only a handful of cases in Hua Xia, and all of them had created a very negative media coverage. If we make such a big move, I’m worried it won’t look good…”

The Mo family business was mainly managed by her son. In the future, her eldest son will become the largest shareholder. She couldn’t let anything affect the reputation and image of the enterprise.

“This matter will be given further consideration.” Mo grandfather frowned. “Bring Mo Di back first.”

“Father, our family business will not be affected at all. In those severance cases in the past, the one that the media denounced were those unfilial children, wasn’t it?”

“What do you know? Now it’s important to take care of Xiao Gui! She cares for that Mo Di so much. If you throw him out of the house and cut him off, do you think Xiao Gui will feel better?” Mo grandfather coughed twice and knocked hard on his crutch.

“We’ll tell Xiao Gui about this matter after her college entrance exams. At that time, I will not object! But now the most important thing is to find Xiao Gui a good psychologist. Xiao Gui missed her classes because she was in the hospital and this caused her grades to slip a little. She must be upset about it. What’s worse, she was overtaken by that beast whose performance is far worse than hers! After such a big blow, it will hurt her self-confidence. It’ll be troublesome if this causes her to have a psychological shadow!”

Ruan Qing Dan listened to Mo grandfather’s words and tears started to flow again. “Why is my Xiao Gui so pitiful? Her study was disrupted because that animal made her faint. All these are caused by him.”

 “But that’s not right.” Mo Wu Hang thought of something and said: “Mo Di’s performance has always been very poor. It doesn’t even come close to Xiao Gui’s. He couldn’t have done so well in the exam! He must have cheated.”

“This must be it.” Mo Wu Hang’s eyes turned red as he proclaimed: “Mo Di that beast! He’s been doing one bad thing after another. First he tried to frame Xiao Gui and caused her to faint. When he saw that no one bought it, he once again bad-mouthed her in the school forum. Next, he knew that Xiao Gui had high expectations of herself and a lowered ranking will have a big impact on her so he found a way to cheat! If Xiao Gui knew that someone who was always inferior in their results like Mo Di had surpassed her, the psychological trauma will be twice as harsh. This shock might even affect her college entrance exam! His mind is really poisonous. He even planned so far ahead!!”

“When are you going to find Mo Di?” The eldest aunt hurriedly said, worrying that Mo Shi Hong’s escalating rage will make him bring up the matter of breaking off ties with Mo Di again.

“We have to bring that bastard back by today! We have to rectify him! If he’s left outside any longer, he’ll just keep hurting Xiao Gui with no one to keep him in check!” Mo Shi Hong was so furious that he couldn’t sit still. He stood up and walked out: “He’s rotten to the core. We have to break him!”

Mo Wu Hang quickly followed behind. Ruan Qing Dan wanted to go as well but was stopped by Mo Grandfather: “Daughter-in-law, quickly go find a psychologist.”


Mo Wu Hang and Mo Shi Hong promptly went to the school together but they were stopped again by the security guard.

“What kind bullshit principal is this Huang Li Chen! He only knows how to lick some else’s boots.” Mo Wu Hang said angrily to Mo Shi Hong: “Uncle, since Mo Di got along with Mu Tian Heng, Huang Li Cheng has been trying to please him. He deliberately told them to stop me from entering the school! What the hell! All Mu Tian Heng did was invested a few millions, is it worth it to kiss up to him like this?!”

Mo Shi Hong’s eyes sank. Mu Tian Heng, the youngest man on the world’s richest list, was not someone he was  unfamiliar with. Instead, they should be trying to make acquaintance with him. However, when they learned of his whereabouts and schedule, their hard-earned visits were all rejected by Mu Tian Heng. 

So it can be seen that either Mu Tian Heng did not know what was good for him or he had been brainwashed by Mo Di to be prejudiced against the Mo family. If it was the latter, then he must be a man with no brains, and there’s much less to say about his character!

Such a person will not go far. He could be lucky and built a company now but sooner or later, it will fall.

But at their current standing, they would not be able to dominate in a battle against Mu Tian Heng.

“He’s such a busybody, why does he care about us Mo family giving our children a lesson.” Mo Shi Hong took out his phone to call his darling daughter’s head teacher. Just as he found the number, a voice suddenly barged in: “Uncle, are you looking for Xiao Gui?”

Mo Shi Hong looked around and was a little petrified. Wasn’t this the friend that Xiao Gui met yesterday named Qin Cheng Yi, son of the richest man in Hua Xia?!

“You are…”

“Uncle, you can call me Cheng Yi.” Qin Cheng Yi smiled and said, “Uncle, what were you saying just now? You’re going to see Xiao Gui?”

“Yes, but we can’t get in!” Mo Wu Hang could not help but interposed.

Mo Wu Hang was frustrated and could not help but pour out his grievances to Qin Cheng Yi. He not only told Qin Cheng Yi why they were not allowed to enter the school but also about Mo Liu Gui and Mo Di. How Mo Liu Gui had suffered under Mo Di’s vile acts and slander and how things had developed to this point.

Qin Cheng Yi listened and the smile on his face disappeared. He could not even hide the violence and ruthlessness that flashed across those fierce eyes.

“This Mo Di is indeed disgusting. Such a disgusting person, it won’t do if we don’t teach him a lesson.” Qin Cheng Yi’s voice was still low and calm but there was a coldness in his smile, “Uncle, come in with me. It’s just nice that I was about to visit this school.”

Mo Wu Hang: “You’re going into the school?”

“En. I know that Xiao Gui is a student of this school. Since the school can cultivate such an intelligent, pure, and elegant person like Xiao Gui, there must be something special here. So I’ve come to have a look and let my father invest a few dozen millions to support it.”

Qin Cheng Yi said as he pointed to the door: “Ah, principal Huang is here. Let’s go in.”

Principal Huang had heard what Qin Cheng Yi said at the door and could not help sweating. He hurriedly led the guests in: “Aiya, I’ve come to greet you a little late, please excuse me. Please come in. It’s so hot outside, let’s go to the school office and talk.”

At the same time, he also gestured to teacher Liu to behind him to inform Mo Di. After all he had received 80 million yuan from Director Mu as an investment, he could not slack off so quickly…unless the Qin group invests 80 or 90 million in one go.

Mo Wu Hang gave a sneer, “Heh! I thought principal Huang was unwilling to let us Mo family members enter the school.”

“That’s not possible.” Principal Huang gave a somewhat sincere smile and guided them to the school, “It’s all a misunderstanding.”

Mo Di stared at the computer screen in front of him. His hands and feet were frigid and felt cold to the touch.

He had previously received an ‘anonymous’ message from Ruan Yan stating that there was something going on in school regarding the Mo family. Although he was expecting something to happen at school, he just did not expect to see that scene after hacking into the security camera. 

His good father and his fifth brother, and also… Qin Cheng Yi! They were walking and talking happily together, and there was even laughter?!

In his last life, this scene would only happen five or six years later. After all, the Mo family members were discontent with Qin Cheng Yi for ‘abducting’ Mo Liu Gui in the beginning. Why was this happening way ahead of time?!

It was as if every element and development were trying to fix the plot by strangling him for being the disharmonious factor, pushing him towards where he should originally be.

Mo Di’s fingers were frigid and numb. A chill was spreading uncontrollably through his nerves and blood.

The successful merger and cooperation between the Mo family and Qin Cheng Yi, to Mo Di in his last life, was the start of one of his most fearful and hateful memories. Because this meant that the Mo family who loved to torment and abuse him had gained the support of Qin Cheng Yi and the black forces behind him. This also meant that the tragedy of his life had opened its curtain.

From that point on, after his whereabouts were discovered quickly by the forces behind Qin Cheng Yi, his busy yet fulfilling life was shattered. His business cooperation was interrupted maliciously, and he was followed by all sorts of strange people. When he felt uneasy and finally decided to leave, he was stopped by the Mo family. In a struggle with Mo Liu Gui who came to ask him to come home, she fell down, and that was the trigger that forced him to be sent to the asylum.

Under the powerful support and assistance from Qin Cheng Yi, Mo Wu Hang and the others were able to fully use their torture methods and succeeded in making his days at the asylum a living hell. 


Violent beatings were done daily. Electric shocks in confinement were also common. He was not allowed to pass out after that. If he did, then his fingers would be stabbed with iron needles, forcing him to wake up! He had to kneel if he wanted food. He had to kneel if he wanted to use the toilet. It was ok if he did not kneel, they would just inject him with drugs. After the drugs were injected, glucose was also administered. In brief, they wouldn’t let him die. After that his hands and legs would be bound and then locked up with the more violent inpatients in a dark room. Two days later they would let him out and force-fed him rice. After a day’s break, the process repeated….time and time again in different patterns and length.

Mo Di’s memories pulled him back to those dark days. His fingers trembled uncontrollably with fear, anger, and hatred. Blood was drained from his face and his whole body was icy cold.

Ring, ring, ring, ring!

At this time, a loud bell suddenly rang and interrupted Mo Di’s recollection and pulled him out from the tragic memories of his last life.

Mo Di took a long time to come back but the strong feelings of distress and fear in his eyes were not completely dissipated. He looked down at the phone and found that it was from Mu Tian Heng. 

He grabbed hard at his hair, took a deep breath, and then answered smoothly. 

“Hello, little fellow, what are you doing that you took such a long time to pick up? Did you have lunch yet?” 

The sound of Mu Tian Heng’s voice was steady, magnetic and warm. It was too different from all those people, all those memories. For a while, Mo Di felt strangely confused.

But listening to the voice coming from the phone, Mo Di suddenly….made up his mind.

He decided to use the plan he had set aside as a last resort.

He believed that he would be a very good boyfriend, lover, and partner.

Isn’t it?

Even if there was no mutual attraction for the time being, he could absolutely give everything that a lover can give: the highest level of concern, intimacy and loyalty. He would never betray.

Of course, this may not be fair to Mu Tian Heng, there was no way he would not feel guilty. Furthermore, he was uncertain that this would be the right choice in the end.

But this was the only way that he, as an ordinary student with no power or influence, could save himself from the clutches of both the Mo family and Qin Cheng Yi.


One day, he will pay back the Mo family and Qin Cheng Yi the torment, the trampling, the pain, and the fear by ten times, a hundred times, and a thousand times of what they did to him.

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  1. Whatever mo di does in the future is justifiable and he is not guilty whoever says he is using the ml is not considering the desperation and the desire for survival he has their is no time for being polite anymore and he will not leave him hanging will give him whatever he wanted in exchange for being his save harbor , it is a miracle he is not insane right now and doing some serious violence

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  2. I have a question for the traslator can you tell me what characters are there in Mo Di and Mo Liu Gui ‘coz I want to know if they actually put any thoughts into naming Mo Di whom they hate. His first name syllable is similar to the di in didi (younger brother) it gives off the feeling that they didn’t care enough to name him and just called him di and that became his name. There is also the fact that everyone else in the Mo family has elaborate and nice names with 3 characters except for Mo Di.

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    In relationships, there’s no way you can have 0 negative feelings for a person, but it’s as if Liu gets all the positive feelings and Di gets all the negative feelings.

    After being apart for a while, Liu’s halo started to crack to the point strangers are seeing the truth.
    Gu Ranju, who saw Di first before Liu, is not affected by her halo, so it’s either weak, she missed the ‘trigger event’ or, Di can also ‘charm’ people like Liu, because they’re twins. People who are charmed by one twin can no longer enter the other twin’s faction

    That’s why Liu has to keep Di near, but keep him under her feet, so he can’t take away the love, because then she’ll be the one mocked and bullied

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    And how does Mo Di plan to become Mu Tian Heng’s lover? There’s not much time and despite the attraction MTH is unwilling to foist himself on a minor…
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    once again ^_^
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    1. Just throw them into a black hole. Time is distorted to the point where a second can take a melenia and all of their molecules are torn apart while still connected to each other. Imagine the pain of being cut in half over and over again and never losing the feeling in the cut parts, feeling the agony of being torn to the basic components of life yet never feeling the bliss of the end until nothing is left of you but a few electrons, neutrons, and protons?
      Or better yet just read a few scum related novels for torture methods and study those.

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  12. yes that was a heavy chapter. Things’ll be better in the next coming chapters.

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  13. I know it’s only fiction but every time I read about the mistreatment of the beast family I feel like going in and hitting each one of them until they turn into pulp, he sighed, I calmed down ๑¯ํ³¯ํ) 💭

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