RCFN Chapter 15

Chapter 15


The next second Mo Di slammed the curtain shut. His arm hit the edge of the desk and a long bloodstain appeared on the sharp wood.

It was just that the intense shock and escalating fear stemming from the depths of his heart had numbed his nerves and he completely did not feel the pain.

His head was filled with the man he happened to see outside the window. Under the street light, the man’s facial features were clearly illuminated. A youthful, handsome, and well-defined face but with prominent eyebrows and eyes which made the man look fierce. And the iconic ear stud on the left ear… unmistakably, that was the man who fell in love with Mo Liu Gui at first sight and claimed that she was his life – Qin Cheng Yi!!!

Mo Di’s hands and feet were cold but he did not lose his reason. He took a while to recollect himself and then took a deep breath.

His address was exposed but that did not mean that something will happen to him at this time. Nonetheless, he could say without a doubt that Qin Cheng Yi’s appearance right here and now was because of him.

After all, Qin Cheng Yi only liked to live in the most luxurious area of the capital. He hated to associate with the lower class nobles in ‘poorer’ areas. Without a reason, he would never step into this suburban neighbourhood, which in his eyes was a poor and dirty slum.

Unless…it was for Mo Liu Gui.

But he was certain that in his last life, Qin Cheng Yi only fell in love with Mo Liu Gui after the college entrance exam. Did his butterfly wings once again affect the flow and shortened the time?

Mo Di subconsciously turned on his phone. He opened the friend circle and scrolled down. 

As expected, a picture very similar to the one in his last life was pasted on the screen.

Mo Liu Gui: I couldn’t solve the misunderstanding with my brother today, I’m very sad. But it was a pleasant surprise to be able to make a new friend. This could be considered today’s small fortune.

The photo posted showed exactly her and Qin Cheng Yi together.

This explained everything.

Mo Di leaned against the wall, his fingertips sank deep into his palm. The uncontrollable dark mood surged from his heart into his every nerve and cell. 

According to the few times he came in contact with Qin Cheng Yi in his last life, and the description he got from the book, Qin Cheng Yi was a twenty-four-year-old with a cold and detached temperament, which could get violent. He was deeply in love with Mo Liu Gui from the first meeting and treated her as his life. He would pamper her and wholeheartedly resolve all her troubles. And especially towards those whom he did not like or had affected Mo Liu Gui’s mood, he was ruthless beyond means. 


Furthermore, he was the son of the richest man in Hua Xia and was backed by a dark and powerful network. The number of people destroyed by him was not small. And Mo Di, who was branded as the person who had always tried to harm Mo Liu Gui, how could he be spared?

In his last life, or rather in the original plot, were it up to Qin Cheng Yi, Mo Di, who dared to hurt his family’s treasure, was supposed to have his limbs cut off, his eyes and tongue dug out, and made into a human tumbler. This would then be placed at his underground casino as a ‘welcome’ ornament at the door.

But because Mo Liu Gui was too kind that she wanted Qin Cheng Yi to not punish Mo Di too harshly. Qin Cheng Yi could only obey out of his love for her and did not intervene directly. After Mo Di was forced into the mental hospital, he then covered up the truth and made some connections that would allow Mo Wu Hang and the others to have full reign over Mo Di’s ‘treatment’. And so all kinds of abuse, confinement, drug injections, physical and mental tortures….everything was inflicted on him.

Hence, based on this understanding, Mo Di was dead certain that the reason Qin Cheng Yi was here, 99% was because he had heard about Mo Liu Gui’s ‘distress’ and decided to help her solve the problem. 

With the power and resources behind him, there was no doubt that it would take him only a few hours to find Mo Di’s address.

The shiver that came all over his body was completely uncontrollable. The anger, hatred, and fear that was carved in his bones were running amok and Mo Di was in distress. 

Mo Di tightened the grip on his handphone. After three seconds, he closed his eyes and took another deep breath. 

It’s okay, calm down.

No matter how powerful Qin Cheng Yi was right now, he was still a minor. More importantly, he could not break into his house yet. From Qin Cheng Yi’s look the moment before, Mo Di could not determine whether he would catch him and bring him back to Mo Liu Gui or direct Mo Liu Gui to him. 

Mo Di steadily unlocked his phone, tapped on Mo Liu Gui’s private chat and typed.

“Sister, tomorrow after school, I’ll wait for you in the classroom. Let’s have a talk.”

Mo Di turned off the screen after sending the message. He softly touched the side of the window and lifted a corner of the curtain. 

Qin Cheng Yi was no longer downstairs.

There was a hazy ray of light from the yellow street lamp that shone on Mo Di’s face, making him squint. He then closed the curtain.

Qin Cheng Yi may have left temporarily, but in any case, he should not take it lightly.

Qin Cheng Yi would probably tell Mo Liu Gui regarding his whereabouts early tomorrow. With the message he just sent, it was not likely that she would come here to find him but wait at school instead. 

However, he still could not rule out the possibility that Mo Liu Gui would tell the family’s chauffeur to drive Mo Wu Hang here to find him in the morning.

Therefore before that could happen, he had to leave!

Mo Di turned on his computer and borrowed the light to tidy up his things and packed them at his feet. He then put on his clothes and laid down on the bed to rest.

When the alarm went off at 3:30 in the morning, Mo Di immediately opened his eyes. He picked up his two most important bags and left the apartment.

Mu Tian Heng finished his morning exercise and then took a shower. He came downstairs with the steam still lingering on his body. He wiped his hair with one hand using a towel.

Lai De Si was still sleepy as a dog but he had to get up due to an urgent need for the toilet. On the way, he yawned as he undid his belt and asked Mu Tian Heng casually: “Mu, you still woke up at 5:30 today?” 


“You’re abnormal.” Lai De Si let out a long breath as he was ‘liberated’ and glared at his watch in a daze, “It’s only six, I need to go back to sleep for a while. Don’t call me. We were tired all day yesterday and only came back at one in the morning. You can take it but I’m tired and sleepy.”

“Up to you. As long as you don’t delay me.”

Mu Tian Heng tightened his bathrobe and the prominent abdominal muscles were partially blocked. “Forgot to tell you, I’m going to see the little guy today so I’m not having breakfast at home. Let’s meet up at Hai Xin Group at eight.”

“For real!” Lai De Si almost knocked over the hand sanitizer as he washed his hands. “We’re already so busy today! You still put aside time to see that kid?! And you dare say that you don’t like him?!!”

“That’s enough. I’m just being a worried guardian and want to check on him.” Mu Tian Heng said as he walked to the changing room and changed his clothes, “Besides we’ve been so busy these few days that I can only visit him this morning.” 

Lai De Si scoffed: “I think you know that I can’t get up early so you deliberately want to leave me behind and have some alone time with the beautiful youth.”

“Then if I’m going to the company now, are you coming?”

Mu Tian Heng finished changing his clothes and came out. He was wearing a loose beige shirt paired with similar beige trousers, highlighting the broad shoulders and long legs. He was giving off a steady and natural feel with a little bit of tenderness. Lai De Si’s eyes were about to pop out, “You’re an animal. Why are you not dressed in a suit and pants but this? I think you’re trying to seduce the kid!”


“I think you’re trying to get beaten.” Mu Tian Heng stopped, smiled at him and kneaded his palm. Lai De Si jumped back in reflex and banged his elbow against the washstand, “Ouch!” he squatted down and cried.

Mu Tian Heng kept his cool look, turned around and went to the porch to change shoes, “It seems like Heaven is warning you not to talk nonsense.”

“Bullshit!” Lai De Si grit his teeth in pain. “You’ve dressed up so nicely and you say you’re not trying to seduce him?”

“Is it?” Mu Tian Heng held the door in one hand, turned his head sideways and smiled back at Lai De Si: “This is just a normal getup. I look nice because my hardware is just too good. Thank you for your compliment.”

Without waiting for Lai De Si to respond, he picked up the briefcase and left through the door.

“F***!” Lai De Si rolled his eyes at the door.

He was not envious at all!!

There was not much traffic at six in the morning so when Mu Tian Heng arrived at Mo Di’s neighbourhood, it was less than 6:30.

He guessed that at this time Mo Di would have already woken up but unlikely to have his breakfast yet. Mu Tian Heng got out and bought two cups of soymilk and two baskets of xiao long bao (a type of dim sum) from a breakfast shop nearby. 

It was the first time the lady boss of the store saw such a handsome and good-natured man. She even felt that he looked better than celebrities on TV. In her excitement and happiness, she gave him two extra jujube dumplings. The jealous boss sitting at the side was staring at Mu Tian Heng the whole time. 

Mu Tian Heng thanked her with a smile and carried the breakfast to find his little friend.

He reached the apartment that he had brought his little friend to rent and knocked on the door over a dozen times but no one answered.

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  1. If Mo Liu Gui sent her henchman to find out Mo Di’s whereabouts, will she run into Mu Tian Heng at Mo Di’s door?
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