RCFN Chapter 1

Noises and cries, delirious howlings and roarings. The dreary sound of table and chairs in violent collision. A sharp screeching of a chair leg dragging across the floor. All was happening the same time a strong smell of blood was emitting violently from the nose and eyes.

 Mo Di had passed away.

But after his death, he found that he did not lose consciousness, instead, he was leaving his body… no, it should be his corpse, and floating over the auditorium of the Second Psychiatric Hospital of the capital city.

It took Mo Di ten seconds to accept the fact that he had died and become a ghost. He looked coldly at the corpse on the ground, at the mishmash of blood and skin on his temple, his hospital clothes that were stained with black and red, and his deformed and ugly ankles.

He felt that his death was quite nasty but what about it. His whole life has been nasty.

He did not know where all the doctors and nurses that were in the hall before went. Only the mentally ill were left screaming in the hall. The front and back doors were already locked and in the chaos, several patients covered with blood fell down and the body count continued to rise.

At this time, a loud out of place romantic music exploded through the riot. Mo Di swept his eyes across and saw that one of the patients had stepped on the remote control and the television screen in the hall was tuned to a Hua Xia entertainment channel.

On the screen was a match made in heaven. In the crowded, romantic, and luxurious Diamond Rose Hall, petals were flying. A pair dressed in ceremonial attire were kissing passionately, a picture that is so touchingly beautiful. 

As the camera passed by, Modi saw the familiar faces of his ‘family members’. Everyone in the Mo family was shedding tears of joy.

Mo Di suddenly remembered that today was the wedding day of Qin Cheng Yi, the son of the richest man in Hua Xia, and Mo Liu Gui, the young movie queen and also the Mo family’s big miss. Because they were both popular and were big shots in Hua Xia, this wedding was particularly attention-grabbing. Any entertainment channel you tune to would be broadcasting this event.


At the same time it was also his birthday.

They’ve picked a pretty good day. Mo Di tilted his head and looked at his ugly and disgusting corpse. His heart which had been numb and cold still could not help but feel pain and hate.

An excited psychopath with distorted facial features ran past, trampling on the face of his corpse, causing a piece of skin to fall off.

Mo Di suddenly smiled, not realizing a black aura had begun surrounding his astral body. He looked back at his life and only thought that it was a ridiculous tragedy, an absurd comedy!

He really did not understand why the Mo family treated him as such nor did he understand what he did wrong. Since young he was just the sad contrast of his sister.

Ever since he could remember, he had not been liked by everyone in the Mo family. His mother never cared for him, his father never hugged him, his grandfather never smiled at him, and his brothers either ignored him or hit him. 

On the contrary, Mo Lin Gui, his twin sister, was the little princess of the whole family. No matter how clever and obedient he was, the unobtainable praises that he longed for his sister would have heard them a thousand times.

His mother’s hug which he could not even ask for would forever belong to his sister only.

In his memories, the father who was always serious and disdainful towards him would carry his sister on his back, hugged her, place her on his shoulders, and even kissed her feet, calling her his darling.

And those brothers who either ignored him or disliked him and occasionally beat him up for no reason would dote on his sister to the point of becoming a sister freak.

Mo Di quietly shed red tears of sorrow, staring at the happy and elegant Mo family members.

He originally thought that he had no longer cared or expected anything, but now he was dead. When the Mo family was blissful and full of laughter, he had died an ugly death in this filthy mental hospital! Sadness and bitterness still accumulated and formed an uncontrollable hatred, assaulting his gradually collapsing mentality.

Mo Di suddenly turns around and rushes towards the closed door. He wanted to see the romantic scene of the so-called wedding of the century that the whole country was so focused on. He wanted to see his noble and elegant family members and the “good friends” that had betrayed him and collaborated with his family to send him to this mental hospital! He wanted to see just how happy they were!

But he could not go through the walls of the mental hospital.

Mo Di did not notice that his soul was filled with a black aura which spread from his heart to his body, passing through his limbs and face. But when the black aura was thick enough to condense into substance, a white light from nowhere suddenly exploded and shrouded Mo Di.

In the center of the white light was a book.

Mo Di waved his hands to flick the book away but the book remained in place no matter what he did to it, forcing him to read its contents.

After sometime, Mo Di returned to his senses. He had already left the mental hospital, following his body to the crematorium. He unconsciously shed two drops of blood red tears.

It turned out that his life was just a joke arranged by others. It turned out that him, Mo Di…was just a cannon fodder in a popular novel titled “Everyone Loves Me Crazily” in which his character was used to show the contrast between how much love and happiness the main heroine received compared to him…

…and nothing more.

Therefore he deserved to be loved by no one? Deserve to be hated, rejected, and suffer? Deserved to be disliked by his family since birth? Deserved to be treated with double standards? Deserved to be betrayed by friends because they adored his sister? Deserved to be sent to a mental hospital after he “harmed” his sister by making her fall? Deserved to be tortured repeatedly and finally died in the hands of these mental patients?

Mo Di looked at the book and viewed his sister from an almighty perspective. From the day she was born, she was loved to madness by everyone around her. Her whole life was sweet sweet sweet and loved loved loved. It was a loved and happy life without logic. Through the book, he also saw himself. It was a short life of being hated, rejected, ignored and betrayed.

Mo Di’s feet were stained with blood red tears. He wanted to laugh but he could not do it. He reached out and tried to tear up the book that designed his life as such a sad joke.

Then a golden light suddenly sprang from the book and completely enveloped him.

The capital, the Third Hospital inpatient ward.

In a room with a faint smell of disinfectant, bright rays of light passed through the blue curtain and fell on the head of the hospital bed, making the young man on the sick bed paler.

A breeze flew by and the young man’s long eyelashes trembled. He slowly opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling until his eyes were red and astringent. Only then did he close them and press back the emotional tears.

Mo Di pressed his finger tips against the palm of his hand. The pain spreaded throughout his nerves, layer by layer but he only felt fascinated like an old time smoker smoking a good cigarette. He increased his strength to make the pain sharper and more intense.

He was reborn…he was unexpectedly reborn?!!

He, who was killed by a violent madman, turned into a ghost and was revealed by a mysterious power that he was just a cannon fodder used to set off how beloved the main heroine was, was reborned.

Mo Di took a hard breath and tried to spit out all the complicated emotions in his heart but it was in vain. In his heart there was only anger, sorrow, and hate, roaring like a harsh wind crashing against his brain and chest.

At this time, a loud noise accompanied by impatient footsteps hit his ears.


Mo Di’s heart pounded. He hurriedly suppressed the surging emotions in his heart. When he opened his eyes and turned his head, he was faced with a handsome boy in a western school uniform, rushing through the door. He was followed by a boy with a crew cut head.

Mo Di looked at the handsome boy who was charging angrily towards him, slightly stunned. He then sneered in his heart.

Was this not his best friend in high school… Zhu Wen Ze.

The Zhu Wen Ze who because of his affection for Mo Liu Gui, approached him and became his good brother, but on the outside would always “inadvertently” misinterpreted his behaviors to make an impression on Mo Liu Gui, and in the end, collaborated with the Mo family to send him to the mental hospital. That’s his good brother Zhu Wen Ze.

Mo Di lowered his eyes and clenched his fists. The violent elements in his blood were surging.

Not expecting Mo Di to still be so calm and not have a trace of shame or repentance, Zhu Wen Ze got angrier. He picked up his pace towards Mo Di’s bedside and asked angrily: “Mo Di what’s the meaning of this, not even the least guilty?! You’re just as Wu Hang brother said. I was wrong about you!” 

“I’ll give you one last chance! Follow me to apologize to Liu Gui. She’s kind and tolerant, she’ll definitely forgive you. But you can’t bully her just because she’s kind and easy to talk to! You even tried to harm her!”

He bullied and harmed Mo Liu Gui?!

Hearing this, Mo Di felt ridiculous and angry. Unaffected, he glanced at his surroundings and suddenly remembered which period this was in his previous life.

It seemed this was the time in his senior year when he once drank something given by Mo Liu Gui. Within five minutes, his body was red and swollen. He had difficulty breathing and almost died of suffocation. In the end he was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Before being carried into the ambulance, he asked Mo Liu Gui a question: did she not know that he was allergic to cocoa.

After all, he did not want to believe that the elder sister who had always shown great care and concern towards him was just like everyone else in the Mo family…she did not actually care about him at all.

But it was this sentence that made a huge mess. Not only did everyone think that he was questioning Mo Liu Gui’s personality and hated her, but Mo Liu Gui also cried till she fainted because she was sad and ashamed.

Mo Liu Gui fainted, and hence he had become a criminal who cannot be forgiven.

Almost everyone believed that he not only resented Mo Liu Gui, but also intended to blacken her name and stimulated her to faint. There were even those who thought that he drank it on purpose and the reason was that he did not die in the end. He schemed against Mo Liu Gui but the conspiracy was discovered.

After his discharge from the hospital, the Mo family’s anger and the disgust from his peers all poured on him. The criticism, abuse, and isolation… his already difficult life reached another peak. He could not even remember how he got through that month, let alone the college entrance exam.

All the things from his precious life unfolded in his mind. Mo Di’s dark thoughts at the depth of his being could not help but emerge again. He pressed his feelings down and did not show any sign on his face. He opened his eyes weakly and looked at Zhu Wen Ze.

“Wen Ze, what’s wrong with you today? What nonsense are you talking about? This is a ridiculous slander!”

“I slandered you? How can I slander you!” Zhu Wen Ze didn’t expect Mo Di to quibble, he got even angrier, “the way that you questioned Liu Gui, isn’t it to blame her, to resent her?! Mo Di did you want to smear her name by insinuating that she did not care about you or are you accusing her of deliberately causing your allergies?!”

“I didn’t! That was not my intention!”

“Just because you say so and that’s it? Come on, we’re not idiots. What kind of thoughts you harbor, can we not see clearly. Liu Gui’s good intention is being turned to a malicious intent. She treated you so well but still got bitten by you! Mo Di you’re so poisonous!”

“I really didn’t think that way!” Mo Di’s eyes turned red and struggled to get up from bed.

Zhu Wen Ze did not believe him at all. He stared at Mo Di: “It’s useless for you to argue. Besides, we don’t know that you are allergic to cocoa but you should’ve always known isn’t it? You know you’re allergic to cocoa yet you still drank it, Mo Di could it be that you did it on purpose.”

“I did it on purpose?!”

Mo Di stood up and stared at Zhu Wen Ze in disbelief. His eyes turned red and he had to take a breath before speaking out: “I had a cold that day, plus there was not much cocoa in the drink, I didn’t detect the taste so I drank two or three gulps. You said it was intentional? If I was sent to the hospital any later I would’ve been dead. Zhu Wen Ze you tell me if that was intentional?!!!”

“Aren’t you fine and healthy now. Isn’t this a big profitable plan? You’re ok but Liu Gui has fainted!”

“Zhu Wen Ze you…” Mo Di stared at him with red eyes and his voice trembled: “you’re flipping right and wrong! When you said that don’t you feel… don’t you feel you’ve lost your conscience?!!!”

“I’ve lost my conscience?!!”

Zhu Wen Ze has never been angered so much by the “hypocrite” and docile Mo Di. His anger went up three fold and he did not want to feign courtesy as usual. He walked up to Mo Di with a cold face and looked down at him: “Mo Di your skin is really thick. You even have to guts to say that other people have no conscience?!!”

“Let me tell you, you don’t have to argue and keep pretending. No one will believe you! Whether it’s your brothers, father, mother, or grandfather, even our classmates, we’ve all seen through you. In fact I did not want to tell you off since we’ve been friends for several years. But putting aside the usual act that you put on show, now in order to hurt Liu Gui, you’re even cruel enough to hurt yourself just to cause her harm. You’re not just an ordinary evil, you’re not even an ordinary human being!”

“I’m not just an ordinary evil?”

Mo Di grabbed the bed sheets and almost tore it apart: “Zhu Wen Ze, we’ve been friends for three years. Three years! And yet you still don’t understand me? That’s how you’ve always thought of me?!”

“Of course it wasn’t all the time. I’ve only found out about your true face not long ago.” Zhu Wen Ze spoke with a calm face. He looked at Mo Di contemptuously and reached for Mo Di’s arm.

“No matter what, you have to apologize to Liu Gui today. If she forgives you then we…”

“Then we’ll what?”

Mo Di shook off Zhu Wen Ze’s hand. His eyes red as he sneered, his expression turned cold: “Zhu Wen Ze, I’m finally clear. You’re just trying to pin this on me! This is pure accusation! I don’t know why you’re doing this but let me tell you this accusation I will not bear or did I ever thought of doing it! No way! I’m not going!!”

“I’m accusing you?! Liu Gui fainted, and you said I’m accusing you! Mo Di you’re f**ing shameless! Just plain disgusting! You get up for me…. AH!!!”

Zhu Wen Ze’s face was suddenly punched by Mo Di and let out a cry. He was furious. He looked at Mo Di in disbelief and extreme anger, as if he had been greatly humiliated.

“F** you Mo Di, you dare to hit me?!!”

The next moment he raised his fist towards MoDi who was standing in front of the sick bed.

“Wen Ze!”

The crew cut boy next to him was frightened. He half intended to stop him but in his heart, he also hated Mo Di who had caused his goddess to faint. Therefore his action was only pretense, he was actually looking forward to seeing Mo Di’s demise.

Unfortunately, at the next second, the schadenfreude expression on his face was frozen stiff.

Mo Di folded Zhu Wen Ze’s arm with one hand, causing him to bare his teeth in pain. He then kicked Zhu Wen Ze hard on the knee and with a poof sound, he was kneeling on the ground.

The author has something to say: MC was abused all his life, from his birth to till his death. It’s a tragic and absurd tragedy. Rebirth was his lucky chance to change his fate. He is a schemer therefore his attitude towards people are not always sincere.

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    Veteran that has long given up on any reality in a novel: Its the protag halo guys no defense no mercy

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  2. There HAS to be a reason for everyone to love her and hate him, OTHER than her being lovely, right? Right now it feels like brainless misery for the sake of creating outrage.
    Is this going to be a blackened protagonist? I’ve seen the trope mentioned but I’ve never actually read one. I’m a bit excited about it!

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  3. I want to kill these people. I feel sorry for the MC. He’s surrounded by such disgusting bastards and bitches. I hope they can never redeem themselves in hell. This is just the start but my blood is already boiling argh 😤

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  4. How MC will change his fate.. Wondering about it.. hopefully MC will find his own happines and everyone who abuse MC in last life and this life can get what they deserve include his twin sister…. Suddenly having headache for our MC.. Thank you for the chapter

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