IHSC Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Wang Xiao Mie’s diary: What I want is not much. A spicy hotpot will do ~~~

Wang Xiao Mie was not able to see Wen Feng Jin’s twisted and hideous expression when he lowered his head. Scarlet blood veins spread to the dark black pupils which had fully occupied the eye socket.

That old waste of space! He dared to lie to me! Why is Shixiong wary of me? Why why why! The ritual I did was perfect!

That useless old thing must’ve lied! Wen Feng Jin bit his lips, trying to suppress his heavy breathing. If that old geezer had not been dead for a long time now, he would have tortured him to death!

“That… I really didn’t mean anything by that.” Wang Xiao Mie hurriedly put down his food and went over to him. Like flies rubbing their hands, Wang Xiao Mie began to coax: “I really didn’t mean it. You…you’re a big guy why are you such a maiden gong??? Wait a minute! Could it be…. You’re a shou?! No! This is not good! Spring is not possible for two little shous!!

Even though Wen Feng Jin did not know what gong and shou were, he could still guess from context. He looked up and said: “Mian Deng, you’re overthinking…”

That’s good, that’s good. You just scared the hell out of me.

Wang Xiao Mie cleared his throat and said with a little embarrassment: “As I was saying, I might die if I’m apart from the sacred tree, so I can’t leave anyway.”

As he was now the Wang Treeman who ‘with one minute of charging, could operate for two hours’, every time he was away from the tree for too long, he would have to rush back to the tree to replenish his energy.

Now that he could eat hot pot and enjoy good food was thanks to charging under the tree for half a day.

“Well, I don’t have anything or anyone I’m nostalgic about up there. Since you’re sure it’s me, then let’s live together in peace. If I were to recover my memories, then we’ll truly be together. Or if one day you discover that I’m not the one you were searching for, then we’ll break up.”

“How about that?” Wang Xiao Mie asked tentatively.

Wen Feng Jin shook his head: “There will never be such a day. I’ve said before, I’m certain it’s you.”

Wang Xiao Mie was puzzled and asked: “How can you be so sure?”

He kept quiet and stared silently at the bright red hotpot, apparently not wanting to say why.

Wang Xiao Mie grew up with his grandmother. His parents did not care about him ever since he was a child. His relatives kept telling his grandmother that he was a burden. Whenever he made a mistake, his teacher would always say: “Oh, it’s that child again.”

Perhaps it was this upbringing that from childhood, he could always see things clearly. He had nothing and hence, was not afraid to lose anything, at the same time, he was also quick to accept anything strange.

There were times when his grandmother would ask him some questions during their heart-to-heart talks and he would get tongue-tied, just like Wen Feng Jin at this moment. What did grandma do at that time?

“Let’s just eat…this matter, as long as you know what you’re doing, it’s good enough.” Wang Xiao Mie used his chopsticks to knock on the can and smiled helplessly.

He heaved a sigh: “Don’t worry about this! Us men will be codependent on each other in the future. And hey, I’ve never been with anyone else before!”

His grandmother was only with him for two years before she was not around anymore. Wang Xiao Mie actually felt quite blissful that in this life, he was able to find a person, no, it’s actually a dumpling, that would accompany him through life.

Rather than having a lonely life followed by a lonesome death, spending his days stuck underground with a companion was much sweeter.

The creepy ‘daily lives of two dumplings eating hotpot’ was not something that he would even dream of.

Therefore even if this was just some fantasy he was having on his deathbed, or that he was only borrowing the body of another, Wang Xiao Mie would still cling on to this opportunity despicably until the day he had to let go…

Damn! Why am I getting sentimental?!

Wang Xiao Mie berated himself mentally. He then continued to eat the tendons and also picked some for Wen Feng Jin.

“Let’s hurry! My taste buds are starting to get numb! This must be because I’ve left the sacred tree for too long.”

Wen Feng Jin looked at the meat in his bowl and then at a Mian Deng that was different from his previous life. As if he was in a trance, he let the hot and pungent steam hit his face. He thought: how long had it been since Mian Deng was willing to warm up to him, get close to him, and how long will these precious days last?

At this time, he was willing to be by his side and treat him with care in a different yet familiar look.

Wen Feng Jin put the piece of meat in his mouth and felt the heat on his tongue for a long time. A serene smile slowly spread across his face. This smile was different from the ones he usually put up to hide his true feelings.

It was the kind that one would inadvertently show when they felt a warmth in their heart.

“Mian Deng, in this life, as long as you don’t do me wrong, I definitely will live to be worthy of you.” Wen Feng Jin suddenly put down his chopsticks and said.

Wang Xiao Mie smiled and blinked twice: “Do you know that you have a habit? When you’re happy, you would call me Mian Deng. When you’re unhappy, then it’s Shixiong. That’s why I deduced that our relationship from last life wasn’t as perfect as you claimed. But it’s alright, you could wait for me for so long, even if I recover my memories, I think I’ll still be able to once again get to know and accept you.”

Wen Feng Jin looked at Wang Xiao Mie’s smiling face, he was surprised and dazed. Then his smile widened and he agreed softly: “Alright.” 

One big dumpling and one undead fake dumpling gathered around the steaming hotpot, trying their best to experience the love that they missed from one another, and at the same time, couldn’t help being addicted to this feeling.

This experience unintentionally had brought the two little pitiful souls closer.


In this regard, Wang Xiao Mie later gratefully thanked the grave robber who had brought them the homemade hotpot seasoning!

Sichuan hot pot rocks!

Homemade hotpot seasoning rocks!

Wang Xiao Mie: I, as the co-owner of this tomb, welcome all grave robbers to come and play. Remember to bring food. You’ll be given a free gold piece for a fresh donkey’s hoof! Feng Jin, say something!

Wen Feng Jin: Welcome welcome. We have a lot of gold to give away. (heh~ you can’t get out once you enter anyway.)

Graverobbers: “……” as if we’ll believe the words of two big dumplings!

After they finished their meal and Wen Feng Jin was done with his laundry, they went back to the sacred tree.

The veins had begun to show on Wang Xiao Mie’s arms and his skin had also turned bluish pale. He clicked his tongue and complained: Stingy tree, can’t even give me a second more.

Wang Xiao Mie rolled up his sleeves and hugged the eternally blooming tree and began his daily tree-bonding routine.

This tree was amazing. Just by staying close to it, he could sense the energy beginning to gather. Where his skin touched the bark, there was a vivid sensation of energy rushing into his rotting body and revitalizing it.

After staying for five minutes, the fully charged Wang Xiao Mie climbed into the coffin. That’s odd. Whenever he entered the coffin to lay down, the big guy next to him would carry a big smile on his face and lunged over to cuddle. And now, after they had their heartfelt talk, the big guy had turned bashful?!

His body laid straight as a piece of wood. Even his hands were behaving and placed on his abdomen. 

Looks like there’s no taking advantage of him today. Wang Xiao Mie felt a little pity as he laid in down and smacked his lips.

That’s right! Every time Wen Feng Jin came over to cuddle, Wang Xiao Mie would put up an expressionless face but inside, he was actually smiling all the way. He even pretended to put his hand out to resist but that was only a ruse he used to get a feel of Wen Feng Jin with his paws. By now, he was already aware of how many abdominal muscles Wen Feng Jin has! 

Wang Xiao Mie: That’s right! I am this type of animal! So what?!

The Wang Xiao Mie who righteously claimed his shamelessness laid on his jade pillow and dozed off.

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  1. they are so cute wth, how come two scary horror creatures can be THIS adorable (and MieMie’s life sounds difficult…no strange he’ll rather live his undead one with a yandere that treats him well and shows love)

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  2. I just remembered that there was a Bl manga about vampire and zombie just living like them. It is called Jiang Zhi Xiao Tian Bing 100% recommend . Their situation is a little bit similar to MC’s and Ml’s but their genre is comedy not a horror

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