The Tyrant’s Beloved Empress

First is the warning: this is mpreg. And SPOILER alert, they have twins!!!

A historical rebirth novel dealing with royalties. I don’t know if you’ve read Tyrant Pampering Wife Diary but this is somewhat similar. Btw, check out TPWD if you haven’t, it’s good.

Before he died, MC was a scaredy cat. After he died, he spent some time with the ML before being reborn. When he came back, he was still a little timid but with time, he learned a lot from the ML and eventually developed into a very remarkable person. This is also when he truly started to have feelings for the ML. ML, on the other hand, had always loved the MC, so imagine his surprise when the MC took the initiative to approach him.

The plot is interesting and there are mysteries to be unfolded. The main villains are pretty formidable, one of them being the emperor himself. The thing I love about this novel is that both the MC and ML have a strong presence where the MC is not a weakling always needing protection. He’s learning to be strong and is a big help to the ML.

9 thoughts on “The Tyrant’s Beloved Empress

  1. Um, hello. This is an amazing work.And I really love it. ❤️

    Emm.. I just want to point it out that it’s not Myamar, It’s Myanmar.
    (I’m sorry for being nosy and all but it just doesn’t sit ok with me. Thanks)

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