Rebirth of a Cannon Fodder in a Novel

First is my warning, I’ve been told this novel causes high blood pressure with just the first few chapters. That said, if you can get past that, things should get really satisfying after chapter 21.

What I loved about this novel despite its outrageous antagonists are the MC and ML, and of course, the revenge. MC is smart and scheming, and he’s no pushover. In the beginning he had to use the ML to stay safe but ended up falling for him. As for ML, he’s not only the MC’s sugar daddy, but also a caring family member that he never had. I love seeing them work together and go against the bad guys.

Another aspect that’s likable to me is that the antagonists are no joke. Sure they’re brainless how they only cared for the sister but as villains, they are not dumb. Compared to the MC, their power and wealth could have easily crushed him had it not been for the ML, which actually make it fun to see how they fall one by one.

Overall, the novel is engaging, something is always about to happen. And although certain aspects may seem illogical to some, the author does try her best to explain everything. The ending also closed up sweetly.

4 thoughts on “Rebirth of a Cannon Fodder in a Novel

  1. I’m not sure how to feel about this novel. If u look at it in essence mo li gui did nothing wrong… except being a crybaby and a bit idiotic? But it’s the people around her that took it to extremes.
    On the other hand I also feel bad for our mc. Child abuse should never be condoned.

    It’s a bit of a brain dead novel where everything works for the mc. For eg. A gold finger like mu ( perfect alpha type) cannot be a cannon fodder and is generally the ml.
    Also what do u mean by animalistic? The ml in this novel seems quite reasonable except how he fell in love so fast…
    Mo di really has plot armour.


  2. Hello, I don’t really know if my previous message was gone but here I go again, hahaha it’s that I rarely comment, but this novel really has great charm and is very good. The translation is also very good and comprehensive. That is why I would like to ask permission to translate it into Spanish please. My reason is to be able to share the novel with my colleagues and friends because it really is very good and pleasant to read. The translation into Spanish would be shared by discord to avoid problems and I would give you all the credits for your translation, thank you very much in advance (● ’◡’ ●) ノ

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    1. Hi sorry I only replied now! Can you send me an email using the ‘contact me’ page so I can better communicate with you? 😊😊😊


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