Chapter 62

Translated by KitKat 

It was cold this winter and the New Year came early.

Ling Bai and Shu Tong were in talks of waiting until the year end to bring up the topic of swapping each other back with their adoptive parents.

Ling Qing, looking at the two pairs of eyes in front of him, said helplessly, “It’s fine for you to decide for yourselves. There’s no need to tell me. The protagonists of this matter are the two of you and it’s fine as long as the two of you are happy.

Shu Tong and Ling Bai glanced at each other and decided to leave it at that.

“Aren’t you going home these two days?” Ling Bai asked Ling Qing, “It’s almost New Year, why don’t you go home and have a look?”

Ling Qing had no feelings for the Ling family nor was he the original owner. Who knows if the Ling family could notice the difference so he refused, “Let’s wait. I have something on today. I’ll go back when I’m done.”

“Isn’t it all finished? What else is still left to be done?” Ling Bai was puzzled.

“Why are you talking so much? Who doesn’t have personal business to attend to?” Shu Tong retorted.

Ling Bai glared at him, “Why are you interrupting me when I’m talking to my brother?!”

Shu Tong sneered coldly, “Please pay attention to your words. He and I are the real brothers here.”

Ling Qing:……

Ling Qing noticed that a battle was about to break out between his brothers so he silently drew out a deck of cards and said, “Come on. It just so happens that the two of you are here together. Let’s play a game of fight the landlord.”

Ling Bai, who is a loser when it comes to card games: …..

Shu Tong, who plays fight the landlord with his parents everyday: …..

They shook hands in reconciliation, thinking, “Can they not fight?” 

Finally, the two of them, depressedly, accompanied their brother for a few rounds of cards for a while. Ling Bai and Shu Tong lost a lot and then, after having dinner, they dejectedly parted from Yu Chen’s house.

Seeing them leave looking so glum, Ling Qing sent back the money that he had won from them through WeChat.The two silly brothers immediately became happy and kept on sending him loving emoticons, not realizing that the money was originally theirs.

Ling Qing played another game before Yu Chen came back. He had to attend a work event and drank there, hence being late.

“Ling Bai and Shu Tong had come over?” he entered the bedroom and asked while changing into his nightgown.

Ling Qing stared at him without any hesitation and said with great interest, “En. They said they wanted to change back after the New Year.”

Yu Chen was surprised, “It’s the first time I’ve seen two contradicting parties be so peaceful and leave room for discussion.”

After he finished speaking, he saw Ling Qing staring at him unblinkingly and he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so he beckoned him to come over.

“Why?” Ling Qing approached him.

Yu Chen handed him the sash for his robe and said, “Just see what’s there to see and tie it for me.” 

Ling Qing helped him tie it up while also saying, “I’m fixing it for you now but I’ll take it off later.”

Yu Chen smiled and leaned over to kiss him. “Then I’ll just have to wait and see.”

Ling Qing suddenly tightened the sash and Yu Chen was caught off guard. He hissed, with eyes full of helplessness, he stretched out his hand and pinched Ling Qing’s face, “Is it fun?”

“It’s fun.” Ling Qing smiled and slowly relaxed the strength in his hand and helped him tie a bow.

Yu Chen looked at the big bow on his waist and was silent for a moment. He thought, “Since the wife tied it, even if it was a big butterfly, I should praise him.” “It’s well tied.”

Ling Qing almost couldn’t hold back his laughter and thought that Yu Chen was just too cute. “I like it too.”

Yu Chen hadn’t eaten well at his work dinner so he asked the cook to make some porridge and bring it up.

Ling Qing also ate some with him. He said, “After the New Year, come back home with me. I haven’t gone back for a long time and it doesn’t feel right.”

“Okay.” Yu Chen had no problem with it. “It is just that I have to go back to the mansion on New Year’s day. Since our family has always spent New Year together, we can’t miss it.”

Ling Qing also had no qualms about it.

He wanted to be good to Yu Chen’s family and said, “I’ll buy some gifts for them later.”

“Hmm okay.”

The two of them finished drinking the porridge and moved to the bathroom. As Ling Qing had said earlier, he stripped Yu Chen off his sash and robe.

Lights out


New Year arrived when the first snow fell in City X.

Yu Chen and Ling Qing returned home two days earlier. The Yu parents had already prepared the New Year’s goods and had asked the aunt to tidy up their bedroom, waiting for them to come back.

“I can see that you two are getting along really well so pick a day to hold the wedding ceremony.” Yu Chen’s mother whispered to him while Ling Qing was accompanying Father Yu to watch TV. “You can’t hold off having a ceremony forever.”

Yu Chen looked back at Ling Qing, who was not far away, and said thoughtfully, “Wait a little longer.”

“Why ah?” Mother Yu asked him, “You don’t want to have a wedding with Xiao Qing?”

“Of course not.”

Yu Chen expressed, “It’s just that he is an actor and holding a wedding at this time will inevitably attract attention. In the future, no matter how far his achievements go, people will always criticize him.”

“Then how long do you want to wait? Wait until Xiao Qing receives awards in the future? How long will you have to wait ah?”

Yu Chen didn’t feel like it would be too long as he could see that Ling Qing was very talented in that area.

“Is that so?” asked Mother Yu.

Yu Chen smiled and said, “Let’s see his TV series this year and then you’ll know too.”

Mother Yu also smiled and said, “That’s good. After you have a wedding and are stable, you can think of adopting a child.”

“Let’s talk about it later ba.” Yu Chen was in no hurry to have a child and Ling Qing is still young and they are in their honeymoon phase. He wanted to enjoy the sweetness of just their world of two people for a while longer.

Seeing that he had his own ideas for his future, Mother Yu stopped persuading him.

This year was lively for Ling Qing, the house full of people, old and young, gathered to celebrate together.

While the elders drank and chatted, the children ate snacks and played games. Every corner was full of lively laughter.

The four siblings had been happily playing games with him since the past 6 months and hadn’t been forgotten to be included this time as well. They sat beside him and let him carry them through the game.

Yu Chen pushed his younger siblings aside and sat down next to Ling Qing and asked, “Is your sister-in-law just there to play games with you? I saw him playing games last time and even now you haven’t spared him!”

“Of course not.” Huanhuan said cheekily, “Sister-in-law is still my idol. Look, I’m still the leader of my sister-in-law’s fanpage.” She said, proudly showing Yu Chen and Ling Qing her Weibo page.

Ling Qing looked over and saw five bold words: “Youth League Special Task Force” 

Ling Qing:……

Xinxin was also in tune with her sister, saying, “I am the deputy team leader and I even drew pictures for my sister-in-law!”

Ling Qing: ……that’s even more powerful!

“I’m editing the videos and when sister-in-law’s drama is broadcast, I can edit those clips for him too!” said Yueyue, not to be outdone.

Ling Qing: …… It is also very powerful!

Little Lele was silent for a long time and lowered his head, pretending to have quit the group chat.

—Why didn’t his three older sisters tell him what they did secretly? Sure enough, a woman’s heart is unpredictable!

Yu Chen looked at his three younger sisters and rubbed his temples and said, “Huanhuan, Xinxin, do you know that you’re in the final grade of junior high school? Why are you still chasing stars? Do you two feel like there’s not enough homework? I will help you tomorrow! I’ll call for two tutors for you tomorrow!”

“Also Yueyue, if you use the time used for editing videos to study, you can score higher grades!”

Yueyue looked at him aggrievedly, but said nothing.

On the contrary, Huanhuan replied confidently, “Can family affairs be called chasing stars? This is called mutual love, trust and support!”

“That’s right.” Xinxin backed-up her sister and questioned him, “Are you still a family with us?!”

Ling Qing was instantly amused by the two of them.

Yu Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “‌‌近在‌《孔乙己》吗?”1

Huanhuan raised her head proudly and said, “Whatever. You’re not allowed to preach to me anyway.”

“I won’t say,” said Yu Chen and patted Ling Qing’s thigh and said to his sister, “Come on, listen to the idol’s advice then.”

Huanhuan: ……

Ling Qing felt like he had to be serious but he couldn’t, so he said gently, “Listen to me, study hard. If you don’t do well in senior highschool entrance examination, I will have to expel you from my fanclub.”

Yu Huan thought that the world was too cruel to her. Is there anything crueler than idols expelling their biggest fans from their fanclub?

She looked at Ling Qing, blinking her eyes, trying to look very pitiful.

Ling Qing had given her a warning and now soothed her by adding, “If you do well in the exam, i will let you come visit the crew on the set.”

“Really?” Yu Huan was surprised but then said pitifully, “My brother won’t let me go.”

“I’ll let you go but you have to first do well in your exam,” said Ling Qing.

“No Problem!”

Yu Huan stretched out her hand, gave Ling Qing a high-five, then snorted at Yu Chen and proudly flicked her ponytail.

Yu Chen looked at her smug little appearance and felt how stupid his little sister was.

At 12 am, Father Yu set off firecrackers in the yard. It wasn’t enough for him to set them off alone so he forced others to set off firecrackers as well.

Lele wanted to join in on the fun as well but his mother was worried so Ling Qing put on a sparkler for him. Hearing the crackling sound, he also laughed along slowly.

Huanhuan and the others didn’t like setting off firecrackers but liked to only watch them so Father Yu set off the fireworks again and let them watch. He had bought many kinds of fireworks, some with fixed patterns, some with meteor showers, some that rotated on the ground like small fountains and some that were as delicate and lovely as little stars.

Huanhuan and Xinxin looked at them happily, exclaiming “Wow” from time to time.

Ling Qing also stood by watching and then felt someone hugging him from behind.

“Happy New Year”, whispered Yu Chen into his ear.

Ling Qing looked back at him and also said, “Happy New Year.”

Yu Chen kissed him, and couldn’t help but want to kiss him again.

As soon as Lele turned around, he found his brother and sister-in-law kissing and almost cried out, but Yueyue covered his mouth quickly. Although she covered his mouth, she couldn’t help but take a glance or two at them while blushing and lowering her head.

After watching the fireworks, Yu Chen gave out red envelopes to his 4 young cousins and Ling Qing also brought out the New Year’s gifts that he had prepared a long time ago.

Huanhuan and the others happily took it and said very politely, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” said Ling Qing.

Seeing that it was getting late, Yu Chen wanted to spend some alone time with Ling Qing and give him the gift that he had specially prepared for him.

“Let’s go ba. Let’s go back to our room.” He pulled Ling Qing over and led him to their bedroom.

The author has something to say:

Guess what Xiaoyu wants to give Qingqing?😏

The butler is at home for the New Year so there’s no small theater today~ 

1.  Yu Chen哭笑不得,“Is it near 《Kong Yiji》?”. This is what the above sentence translates to. If any of you have any ideas on what Yu Chen is trying to imply, please leave a comment!

T/n: Chinese is neither my first, second or third language so please be patient with me. There’s no update schedule as of yet but will try to be consistent as the next chapters roll by. Have a nice day and don’t forget to support our website!🤗


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  1. Maybe it’s something like “What is this, ‘Kong Yiji’?” It seems like that’s the name of a famous work about a scholar who was pedantic and pretentious, obsessed with ideals but without the will to do real, practical work. So he’s making fun of them for coming up with high-minded reasons for playing around and slacking off, I think. Which I guess means it could also be translated as “What are you, Kong Yiji?” or “Who are you, Kong Yiji?”, directly comparing them to the protagonist by name, but since there are quotes it seems more likely he’s referencing the story as a whole for its commentary on society than the protagonist in particular
    Thank you so much for translating! ❤


  2. Author i think the chapter is updated under the wrong title the previous one is TTBE 61 but this chapter is FEADE 62


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