I and my Husband Sleep in a Coffin

Official Title: 我和老攻睡棺材 wo he lao gong shui guan cai

Author: 无水不渡 wu shui bu du

Source: https://www.hanwujinian.com

Also Available in Thai. Please check it out if that’s your language of preference.


There are mature subject matter though nothing explicit. Readers be advised.

My name is Wang Xiao Mie. I’m online asking for help.

If you wake up and find yourself sleeping in a coffin inside a tomb and wearing a red wedding gown, and lying next to you is a real-dead-ghost husband. What should I do if he wants to consummate our love? Can I faint? After fainting will I be able to transmigrate back?

Waiting online. It’s quite urgent.

PS: There’s also an audio version of the novel in mandarin on the website, it’s very well done. Check it out if you’re interested

Questions, discussions, suggestions? Here’s our discord!❤️

Warning: In case you did not arrive here from NU, this novel involves relationships between two men. If that’s not your cup of tea, please feel free to leave.


12 thoughts on “I and my Husband Sleep in a Coffin

  1. Hi! I want to ask your permission, whether i can re-translate this novel into Indonesian or not?
    I found this novel is funny and interesting so i’d like to share this novel to them who don’t understand english or mandarin. I’ll credit you and the author as well.

    Stay safe! Can’t wait for your reply.

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  2. I want to ask you if you don’t mind, i want to translate this novel into my language, Arabic.

    through this translation of yours if you don’t mind, can i do it?

    I’m waiting for your reply.

    Thank you for taking this novel


  3. Someone pointed out a glaring mistake and it’s in the title. The “Me” should be an “I” instead. Hence I’m going to change it as such. Please pardon any confusion this may cause.


    1. Hi I love your translation! Is using “I” correct? I’m a native English speaker and using “I” sounds very awkward…unless you were to translate it as “My husband and *I* sleep in a coffin”. For example, I wouldn’t say “I and my sister are going to get a boba”, I would say “Me and my sis…” Or “my sis and I are…”. Sorry for the long rant! I think you got it right the first time using ME.


      1. First, thank you so much for taking your time to comment on this. You’re not the first person to tell me the title does not sound right. The correct form is ‘My husband and I’, something to do with pronoun and subject, but the reason I put “I” first is because that’s the order the author used and it’s a title so I’m not as restricted. But again thank you for the thought and if you spot anymore errors please tell me (sorry for using readers as free editors).

        Finally, I’m so glad you like the novel! Come back soon for new releases. All the best!

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