RCFN Chapter 78

Chapter 78

Editor & proofreader: KitKat

“You fool!”

Uncle Zhang kicked Zhu Chenglang who was kneeling on the ground: “What good are you if the young master was this easily harmed?!”

Zhu Chenglang dared not get up. He laid on the ground and continued to beg: “Sir, Sir, I didn’t mean to leave the young master alone. It’s Mo Di and Bai Wenwen. They are too cunning. The young master and I did not expect them to be this treacherous. And Bai Wenwen is just heartless, how could she…”

“Shut up!”

Ye Guosheng’s veins were popping out the moment he heard Bai Wenwen’s name. He smashed a cup at Zhu Chenglang: “Other than Bai Wenwen, who else knows about this?!!”

“Say it! Was there anyone else?” Uncle Zhang gave Zhu Chenglang another kick, “Give me a complete account of what happened. Do not leave anything out!”

“There were three more who saw what happened,” Zhu Chenglang knelt on the ground; A hatred for Uncle Zhang flashed through his eyes, “When I heard what happened, I immediately ran back. At that time, the young master was already… he was already attacked by Bai Wenwen. He was brought into the villa to get clothed by someone named Zhuang He. He was also the one who called the ambulance…”

“The other two are female members of the team, Sun Qiyu and Wang Shuiqing. They were there when the young master… when he was holding Bai Wenwen. They also witnessed her kicking him. I’m sure it was only three of them because I came as fast as I could afterward.”

“Think carefully, is there anything else you want to add?” Uncle Zhang saw Ye Guosheng’s sinking expression and continued to interrogate Zhu Chenglang.

“I … I can’t think of anything else. I don’t remember anyone … Wait. There’s one more thing,” Zhu Chenglang raised his head and looked at Ye Guosheng, “When I accompanied the young master to the ambulance, many people gathered around to look and Mo Di was there! He was in the very front!”

“I think there’s definitely something wrong with him! Sir, Uncle Zhang, this definitely has something to do with Mo Di!”


Uncle Zhang saw Zhu Chenglang’s determined expression and turned to Ye Guosheng: “Sir, about this, do you think we should do something about this Mo Di…”

“I won’t let those who harmed my son escape,” Ye Guosheng was turning grim. He stared coldly at Zhu Chenglang: “But for now, we should leave Mo Di aside.” 

Uncle Zhang: “Sir, you mean…”

“We cannot touch Mo Di at the moment. One, we don’t have evidence. Two, he has powerful backing.”

“Someone’s supporting him from behind?”

“If he did not have anyone, do you think the Mo family would sink to its current state?” Ye Guosheng sat back and looked at the two men in front of him: “The Mo family back then could have easily destroyed an unfilial son like him but now, look at them!”

Uncle Zhang was alarmed: “But Sir, wasn’t all the evidence against the Mo family discovered by the police?”

“Don’t you think that everything just went too well? The police got all the evidence they needed in one go. Not to mention how the scandal managed to spread on the internet almost instantly,” Ye Guosheng sneered: “Old Zhang, you can’t be that naive. How could you not see this?”

Uncle Zhang tensed up: “I… I’m not too familiar with this matter. Sir, you know I’m old and not too familiar with the internet.”

“Hmph…” Ye Gusheng snorted: “You’re not as old as me, are you?”

“Sir, I…”

“That’s enough. We’ll drop the matter with Mo Di for now. He has a good relationship with someone called Mu Tian Heng who’s a powerful young talent in America. His financial strength cannot be underestimated. Most importantly, he seems to be very close to Mo Di. Such a person, we cannot afford to offend. Let’s just deal with Bai Wenwen and the other three first.”

“Yes Sir, you are indeed wise.”

“What the hell do I know? All this information came from my son. He used to tell me everything but lately, he doesn’t talk to me anymore. Instead, he consulted you and you let this happen! Old Zhang, my son was wrong to trust you.”

Uncle Zhang was sweating profusely: “Sir, I, actually I…”

“Enough! What matters now is Bai Wenwen. And the other three witnesses should also be dealt with.” Ye Guosheng did not give Uncle Zhang another look. He closed his eyes and asked: “You two should also start to think about what you can do!”

“Sir, I think… I, I can lure all of them out of the base,” Zhu Chenglang said: “Once they are outside, you can do whatever you want to them!” 

“Idiot!” Not waiting for Ye Guosheng to speak, Uncle Zhang got to him first: “With so many eyes on us, do you want to cause trouble for the Ye family?!”

“Sir, I think we should have a talk with the witnesses first and let them testify for the young master. If they refuse, we have to at least keep them from siding with Bai Wenwen. Only then can we ensure that she will be jailed. And when she’s in jail, we can avenge the young master.”

“And… And since Bai Wenwen hurt the young master on purpose, we have to get this out to the media and make sure that the public knows that he is the victim. If any wrong information was to get out, it would be troublesome for the young master. We can’t have those people and Bai Wenwen disclose what they shouldn’t.”

“The young master has an impeccable reputation, everyone will support him. Even if Bai Wenwen tries to accuse him, without evidence and the statement of the three witnesses, no one will believe her…”

Uncle Zhang was indeed Ye Guosheng’s long-time confidant. He knew what his boss wanted to hear and provided the appropriate solutions at the right time.

Knowing that he had to publicize this matter, Ye Guosheng was very much unwilling. But with the way things were, he had to give it some consideration.

Although he could manipulate the case against Bai Wenwen and make sure she got a swift and heavy sentence, he couldn’t completely shut her up. If she told her nonsense to someone and it happened to get out, it would not be a good thing.

Seeing that Ye Guosheng was contemplating his words, Uncle Zhang continued: “Sir, if we want those three to keep their mouths in check, should we offer them benefits or threa…” Uncle Zhang paused and decided to change his word, “Or should we give them a warning?”

“Offer them both,” Ye Guosheng narrowed his eyes and looked at Uncle Zhang and Zhu Chenglang, he said: “Tomorrow, Zhu Chenglang will bring those three out and have a word with them. As for old Zhang, you will work with old Sun to give me a background check on them. I want to see the results by tomorrow.”


Mo Di did not know what happened back at the Ye family but he knew they would not let Bai Wenwen off and would most certainly try to get the three other team members under them.

Therefore, Mo Di not only paid special attention to Bai Wenwen’s movements but to the other three as well.

However, he was alone and could not fully monitor everyone’s whereabouts. An hour after the big man and two female members were brought out by Zhu Chenglang, Mo Di saw them coming back with a complete change in mood.

Mo Di tried to approach them and have a chat but he was shunned like a plague. Their attitude towards him was obviously different from before.

Mo Di felt ominous. Things were not looking good for neither him nor Bai Wenwen.

Sure enough, two days later, just as Bai Wenwen was requesting her withdrawal from the competition, she received a court summon.

The Ye family was suing her for intentional assault. 

Bai Wenwen was anxious and furious. How could the Ye family sue her when all she did was self-defense? It was self-defense!!

Bai Wenwen did not have time to take the news in, while the Ye family had already called the police and they would be arriving in thirty minutes to take her away.

Mo Di saw the police arriving and immediately ran to villa #3. He wanted to give Bai Wenwen the USB key but he noticed that Zhu Chenglang was keeping a close eye on her and the big man. Furthermore, the police officers that came were behaving very suspiciously. They were too rough on Bai Wenwen.

Mo Di changed his mind.

He left the crowd and ran back to call Mu Tian Heng.

“Brother, do you remember the incident I told you about the other day? The Ye family made their move on Bai Wenwen today. I have evidence that can help her, should I give it to the police? But I feel like those policemen that came just now are not reliable.”

Of course Mu Tian Heng remembered. If it wasn’t for his little friend’s vigilance, he did not even want to think of the consequences. 

“Do not give it to them. The Ye family must have everything already set up within the police force and the courtroom,” Mu Tian Heng pondered and said: “Send me the file. I’ll give it to Commissioner Wang and let him have someone supervise this case.”

TN: Just wanted to say I’m super thrilled to have an editor and proofreader now! YAY! And a big thanks to Ketki for offering her help!

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  1. “I think there’s definitely something wrong with him! Sir, Uncle Zhang, this definitely has something to do with Mo Di!”


    First and foremost , if you did not do that , then that wouldn’t happened 🙄 schewpid


  2. Ye Guosheng should’ve talked to his son and warned him to stay away from Mo Liu Gui, this unlucky star. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
    Thank you for the chapter ❤

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      1. Only too true! Still, I find the cold hypocrisy and ruthlessness of the Ye family particularly unsettling. They’re not even the main villains, but the level of cruelty they display is on par with the Mos.

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