IHSC Chapter 37

Chapter 37

It was a boy who opened the door. He looked at the two men soaked in rainwater and blood like monsters that just crawled out from the grave and screamed. Wen Feng Jin grabbed the boy and his blood dripped onto his body.

“Call the physician! My Shixiong….. Mian Deng Shixiong, he’s heavily wounded…..”

“Mian Deng Shixiong?!” The boy knew of the Academy’s Mian Deng Shixiong. Although afraid, he took a peek at Wang Xiao Mie lying on the ground. When he recognized the face covered with dried blood and wet hair, he exclaimed: “Ah! It’s Mian Deng Shixiong!”

“Wait for me, I’ll go get help!”

The boy frantically ran inside.

Wen Feng Jin leaned against the gate to sit down. He pulled Wang Xiao Mie into his arms. The eaves of the door screened out the rain.

His fingers were rigid but with the most gentle movement, he cleared the strands of wet hair on Wang Xiao Mie’s face then held his head to his chest. He lightly pressed his cheek against his forehead. 

“You’ll be better soon, bear with it a little longer. Those people hate me but they will still help you…”

…..what about you?

…..can this body still withstand the persecution from the dark guards and leave this mountain?

…..clearly you intended to die alone!

Wang Xiao Mie struggled to tug at Wen Feng Jin’s clothes but he did not even have the strength to keep his eyes open. Wen Feng Jin held him and said: “As long as you can live, I’m willing to do anything…..”

No! Wang Xiao Mie only managed to shake his head slightly with the last of his strength. Tears rolled down his cheeks as his senses began to fade. Feeling powerless, he finally closed his eyes.

But they were both wrong. That day, neither of them received any help from the Academy. 

The boy did go to get help but the person he called was the dean. He looked heartlessly at Wen Feng Jin and the disciple he once favored.

“I said before, once you step out of this door, you’re no longer my disciple!”

The opened door was closing again. Wen Feng Jin went berserk and banged erratically at the door with his fists. Each strike left the door with a stamp of blood.

“Save him! Isn’t he your Shixiong?! Save him, I beg you ….”

Wen Feng Jin looked desperately at the closing door and knelt down…..

“Save him.”

As the dignified head slammed against the muddy ground, the door stopped.

The dean slowly raised the corner of his lips. The boy behind him couldn’t bear to look any longer. 

“Teacher, Shixiong, he’s already….”

“Hmph.” The dean waved his hand. He turned and left with a sneer.

The door between them slammed shut with a bang!

The frigid rain continued its boundless downpour. 

The wounds strewed across his body, the immense pain, the humiliation along the way, and the hope that was heartlessly denied from him…

Wen Feng Jin kept his head down. His fingers clawed into the hard ground, leaving scratch marks of blood! In his destitute state, a twisted and psychotic smile appeared on his face as the black peculiar pupils turned bloodshot!

It was on that day that he completely lost his humanity. What remained was a twisted soul pushed to the brink.

“I will not let any of you off…” Wen Feng Jin hugged Wang Xiao Mie. He looked straight at the door with a sinister smile: “I will absolutely show you no mercy!”

“Ah Ah Ha ha ha! Even if I die, I will remember the humiliations my Shixiong and I received today! I will kill all of you! — everyone single one!!!”

“I want you all to be buried with my Shixiong and me!”

Deep-seated desperation materialized in his eyes which had now turned scarlet. Tears fell as it stared fixated at the door, yearning to break it open.

He said word by word: “Were I to live, I will decimate every one of you here! I will never show any mercy again. I want the whole country to experience my pain!”


Wang Xiao Mie hovering from above looked at the roaring Wen Feng Jin. His lips trembled but words were unable to come out. In its place were irrepressible tears that flowed from his eyes…

These are his memories. The ruthless truths.

Those years were too bitter. Even when they had each other to rely on, they could not survive the hostility of the world and the fickleness of the human heart.

That year, the lone Wang Xiao Mie who was abandoned and forgotten by all went back to ancient times. Fate had him meet up with Wen Feng Jin who was also despised and isolated by the world. The two sad souls licked each other’s wounds and exchanged their warmths. Tragically, they could not overcome one last time of having their hope shattered…


The memories before him then shifted further along. 

Wang Xiao Mie woke up in a room filled with a bitter fragrance.

They survived after all.

Later, Wen Feng Jin told him that they were supposed to die that day but maybe fate had other plans. Mu Yi, Mu Er, and Mu San managed to reach them in time. They killed off the emperor’s dark guards and used the best medicine to treat them.

Wen Feng Jin and himself had their roots damaged but Wen Feng Jin had a sturdy foundation, so he was only unconscious for some time. The same could not be said for Wang Xiao Mie. He was of sub-par health and a feeble chicken to begin with. Even if he woke up, which he did after a month of coma, there was no saving him.

The day he woke up, Wen Feng Jin silently placed his hand on his face. At that moment, Wang Xiao Mie knew Wen Feng Jin had changed.

He had bandages around his neck, head, and fingers. He smiled sweetly and said to Wang Xiao Mie: “Shixiong, let me avenge you…”


Six months thereafter, Wen Feng Jin carefully escorted Wang Xiao Mie up the stone steps to the Academy once again. But this time, their positions were swapped. They were high above on sedan chairs looking down on the countless lives waiting to be hanged.

That day, they were the ones listening to the helpless cries of those in the Academy.

The dean was personally tortured by Wen Feng Jin until his last breath.

In a horrified state, Wang Xiao Mie shivered as he covered his ears and closed his eyes. He could not bear to look at the desperate faces condemned to die. Only Wen Feng Jin was laughing, appreciating the purgatory.

His fear of Wen Feng Jin hence began.

He did hate those who mistreated them but this was an indiscriminate massacre, more was the number of innocents killed. And what about the ignorant children of the Academy? Wang Xiao Mie just could not accept it.

Very soon, Wen Feng Jin was aware of his resistance and fear. 

At this point, Wen Feng Jin was no longer gentle and obedient towards him. He was radical, domineering, and ruthless on his quest for revenge where countless innocent lives were taken. Blinded by hatred, Wang Xiao Mie’s words could no longer dissuade him.

And because of Wang Xiao Mie’s defiance and decision to leave, Wen Feng Jin resorted to keeping him locked up.

Wang Xiao Mie did not have much longer. He was fed with medicine every day but with each dose, the drug’s efficiency decreased. Eventually, the physicians were at a loss. It was time for him to go…

And yet Wen Feng Jin still dared to do that to him…

Wang Xiao Mie who was watching his memories pass by was red with anger, he gritted his teeth and exclaimed: “The shameless!”

Now that that was behind him, Wang Xiao Mie did not mind it as much. But back then, to the two who were already in disharmony, Wen Feng Jin’s domineering compulsion was the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

What happened after that was a blur to him because he was bedridden with his death looming.

Then came another memory and he finally remembered that he had met Yan Chun before. But the Yan Chun he met did not look like this at all.

He was a gorgeous man, alluring and dignified. He had an arrogant look in his eyes as he stared at Wang Xiao Mie on his deathbed, whispering something Wang Xiao Mie could not make out. He was then led away by Wen Feng Jin. 

And after that meeting, Wen Feng Jin came to possess the immortality elixir.

Maybe it was a common trait of people who were awaiting their deaths. As Wang Xiao Mie stayed idle in bed, he thought back to all the times he spent with Wen Feng Jin and what they had gone through together. In fact, even back then, he did not hate Wen Feng Jin.

Death was coming and his heart was clearer than ever.

The crucial point was that the system had long determined that failing to accomplish the mission would result in his death.

Hence, when Wen Feng Jin fed him the elixir, he passed it back to him.

When Wen Feng Jin had that desperate look again, Wang Xiao Mie tried to explain his ordeal but in the next second, the system had erased his memories and ejected him from that world…

The scenery had now faded into darkness. 

The floating Wang Xiao Mie thought to himself: After my death, Xiao Wenzi probably thought that I gave him back the elixir as a punishment.


Wang Xiao Mie stretched out in midair then closed his eyes and waited for his second death.

The lights had been snuffed out, it seemed his death was imminent.

Some time later…

The floating Wang Xiao Mie frowned in the dark.

Some more time later…..

Wang Xiao Mie couldn’t help giving his head a scratch.

Some more time later….

Wang Xiao Mie: What the hell?! The death god this year is not doing a very good job! I’ve been floating here forever! Why aren’t you taking me away?! Just because I was resurrected and became a zombie I don’t deserve your service?!!

Negative review!!!

Hm? Why is there a medicinal scent? It smells familiar.

Wang Xiao Mie’s consciousness faded as he took in the familiar fragrance.


Tut tut tut, how affectionate.” Zhen Bei looked at the man whose hands were riveted through by a sharp weapon, pinning him to the giant tree. 

Within his proximity were Lei Jie and Xiao Luo, both of whom were laying flat on the ground. A pool of blood fanned out under them, their fate was uncertain. 

What remained where Yan Chun once laid was a pile of rags and something that looked like white sand.

Wang Xiao Mie was leaning against the coffin with his eyes closed and his lips smudged with blood. On his chest was a bullet wound whereby the disrupted skin tissues were now regrouping.

“If it wasn’t for that nosy b*tch, between these two bullets, one would have cracked his skull, and the other turn his insides into mush.”

“But you’re indeed worthy to be called an undead. Even with Yan Chun’s attack and that blood transfusion, you still managed to injure me.”

Zhen Bei laughed and spit out a mouthful of blood surging from his chest. He had a broken leg and a large indented wound on his left chest but he was still very much alive, leaning against his weapon.

This weapon was a long instrument with a bronze coating. The barrel was as long as that of a rifle and one end had a palm-size cylindrical metal piece attached, making it resemble a disproportionate hammer with an elongated handle.

It was thanks to this unique weapon and the fool Yan Chun that he could successfully inflict serious damage to the two disgusting monsters. 

“I know~ ha~ I know the fatal weakness of your kind. The heart is most vital to monsters like yourselves. But I’m surprised. Even having to endure my attacks, you’d still risk your life to feed him your blood and Yan Chun’s heart. Lucky for me you’re dumb, otherwise winning against you is almost impossible…”

He swayed his uninjured leg and stood upright, pressing the weapon on the chest of the man nailed to the tree.

“Am I right, Wen Feng Jin…..”


Wen Feng Jin’s hands were hammered to the tree by two thick nails. The red crown was broken and his clothes were in a mess. His long hair dark as coal had now turned white as snow!!!

Wen Feng Jin raised his head feebly and his blanched hair fell over his paled cheek. The only color left on him was from his red eyes and glowing scarlet mark on his forehead.

A large self-inflicted incision over his trachea had impeded his speech. 

“Humans are meant to be greedy. The world is filled with people like me, hypocritic, selfish, and will not hesitate to hurt others for their own gain.” With unblinking eyes, Zhen Bei stared down at him. The corners of his mouth spread out in a malicious grin, almost reaching his ears. He bent down and said with an evil tone: “Rest in peace, everything in this tomb palace will belong to me. And you both?”

“You’re going to turn to dust just like Yan Chun. And so will your Shixiong!”

Here’s the author’s clarification as to what happened: Wang Xiao Mie was shot twice. The attack to his brain was blocked by Lei Jie or else he would really have been snuffed out. Another shot was to his chest where his heart was. At this point, Yan Chun’s heart alone cannot save him so Wen Feng Jin had to cut his neck open to give him his blood. He did all this while having to endure attacks from the shameless Zhen Bei. When that’s done, they both fought it out but Wen Feng Jin had lost too much blood and sustained too many injuries, Zhen Bei managed to gain the upper hand and nailed him to the tree.

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