IHSC Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Wang Xiao Mie’s head was emptied as he reached for a leather notebook under his pillow with shaking hands.

This was a notebook he found in a backpack left behind by the tomb robbers in the side hall. Because he was alone in childhood with no friends or close relatives, he had a habit of writing diaries to ward off his loneliness. From time to time, he would look through it to past time and have a good laugh.

The two books were completely different. One was obviously ancient, while the other was modern.

The only similarity between them was the big letters spread across the cover: 

Wang Xiao Mie’s diary


The childish doodles were similar to that of a kindergarten kid and the handwriting that was too ugly as if it came out of a drunken beetle crawling on the page……

…..yup, no doubt, that’s my writing.

Wang Xiao Mie, with a wooden expression, flipped open the two booklets.

The first sentence on his left: Wang Xiao Mie’s diary: Today is my second day of being a newly wedded wife in an underground palace, I’m hungry….

The first sentence on his right: Wang Xiao Mie’s diary: Today is my second day of wearing as someone else’s shixiong, I’m hungry….. Ai~

Wang Xiao Mie closed the diary with a snap and shook like a Parkinson’s patient. That’s not possible, how could I write something like? Something that at first glance seemed like the writing of an idiot. I’m such a cool and handsome guy, how can I let my image be stained with this?

I definitely have never traveled to ancient times or met with Wen Feng Jin before this, much less have these memories….

Calm down, Wang Xiao Mie, you have to calm down!

And so he flipped to the next entry of his diary.

Wang Xiao Mie’s diary: in order to prevent others from reading my diary, I decided to use pinyin! Why not English? That’s because I don’t know English hahaha! Ain’t I super smart? Wink~



Calm down, you have to calm down…. The hell I can calm down #%¥#@%& Wink my ass!

Not minding the secret that was revealed by the diary, Wang Xiao Mie was instead painfully affected by the girlish teenage accent that was written on the page. He covered his face in embarrassment.

Wen Feng Jin was next to him. He blinked and said: “This is your penmanship. I do not know most of the words on it and there are some weird symbols as well. At that time, I gathered every professor and expert, even those from foreign nations who excel at languages to decipher this. Over the years, countless people have studied this book for a long time but none could tell what was written on it. Now that you’re here, why don’t you read it to me?”

Wang Xiao Mie: “…..”

……that many people + open discussion = public humiliation. 

I want to burn myself with this. I’ve died for so long, but today I want to die again.

Wen Feng Jin: “Shixiong, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you reciting?”

Wang Xiao Mie lowered his head to read another entry: Wang Xiao Mie’s diary: the food in the academy is just too wonderful! I want to write a poem about it: 

厨房师傅厨艺高 (chu fang shi fu chu yi gao) The kitchen chef has great skill

桂花糖饼和打糕 (gui hoa tang bing he da gao) Sweet osmanthus cakes and rice cakes

要问还有哪能挑 (yao wen hai you na neng tiao) I wanted to ask what else is there to pick

来盘荤菜好不好 (lai pan hun cai hao bu hao?) How about a non-vegetarian dish?

Tut tut, I’m so talented. Miee hahaha! Farewell!

Wang Xiao Mie: “……” Stop reading! Close your eyes! This fool is not me! Not me!

On the other end, Wen Feng Jin was still urging: “Since Shixiong refused to read it out loud, did you actually discover something?”

“I did discover something.” Wang Xiao Mie said.

“Oh?” Wen Feng Jin smiled sweetly and asked: “What is it?”

Wang Xiao Mie smiled and shed two rows of tears: “That I’m indeed an idiot.”

Wen Feng Jin: “…..”

“Shixiong is again saying things that Feng Jin does not understand. But after you’ve read this, you should have a grasp of what happened, don’t you?”

Wang Xiao Mie nodded solemnly. He flipped over to the next few pages and extracted information from the paragraphs: 

I saw the child today. How can this be the future world-destroying villain?

Ai, I realized that I’m unable to reveal that thing’s existence, whether through writing or speech. But I’ll carry out my mission well. Failure will lead to memory deletion and death, do you have to be so serious…..”

And also: the little shota is too kawaii! I have to raise him to excel in the art of morality, intelligence and physique, an all-around development! And what’s with this scenario: raise the big villain from young to become his white moonlight?! Oh how stupid is this …… Stupid XX!

Wang Xiao Mie read till half of his diary before putting it down and cowering his head for several hours. Wen Feng Jin was by his side the whole time.

Wang Xiao Mie shook his head. Although this was confusing and unthinkable, after combining the texts in his diary and all the transmigration and rebirth literature he had read, he could deduce that for some reason, his previous self was bound to a system. The ‘thing’ and ‘stupid XX’ mentioned in his diary should be referring to that system.

And his task was to cater love and care to the villain when he was miserable and educate him to become a kind person.


At this point, Wang Xiao Mie raised his head and glared at Wen Feng Jin.

Cloaked in red and black, with dark eyes and a scarlet mark between his brows, Wen Feng Jin revealed a smile after sensing his gaze. He gave off a ‘this lord wants your life’ look.

Wang Xiao Mie: ….. The art of morality, intelligence and physique huh. Boss, which of these do you think you can pass? 

Sigh… needless to question, the system was not blind. Once it saw what the big guy had turned into, with a wave of its hand, his memories were gone and he was sent back to the present.

Maybe the reason he died was also because of the system.

And Wen Feng Jin said that after he died, the silly thing began to construct this underground palace, collected rare treasures, planted the sacred tree, and waited for him in this palace for over a thousand years.

For Wang Xiao Mie, going to the past and back was just a snap of the finger. Therefore, there was also a possibility that he was killed in this life right after failing the mission and then was summoned here by Wen Feng Jin who had been waiting for a long time….

The more he thought about it, the more he felt like they were in the BL version of the movie ‘The Myth’.

And if things were as he had guessed, then he had it easy, having the system done all that to him….

But what about Wen Feng Jin? How did he get through the thousand years living with his corpse?

And with his understanding of himself, he most likely approached Wen Feng Jin carelessly to complete his mission and become his white moonlight, thus resulting in this ambiguous relationship…. And also Wen Feng Jin’s paranoid infatuation. 

If their places were switched and he was left alone underground with a corpse….

Wang Xiao Mie rubbed his arms. Let alone a year or two, he might not even last ten days! He would probably even pay a grave robber to stay and chat with him.

It’s no wonder Wen Feng Jin has a different expression every day and acted almost like a schizophrenic.

How life forces one to adapt~~


He flipped to the end and saw that the last entry was about Wen Feng Jin’s coming of age ceremony. The pages seemed to have been ripped off by someone.

Wen Feng Jin by his side narrowed his eyes. He reached out and took back the diary from Wang Xiao Mie’s hand.

He said: “The booklet was already this way when I got it. Now that Shixiong has seen it, I’ll continue to preserve it back in the box.”

Wang Xiao Mie scratched his head: “But isn’t this my diary? And there seems to be another one in the box, isn’t it? Can I read that too?”

But who knew that after he asked that, Wen Feng Jin’s expression changed drastically. The smile that he glued on his face was withdrawn squeaky clean and the dark pupils were suppressing something sinister. He wanted to stay gentle but the chill in his voice was all the more terrifying.

“Does Shixiong have to divide things this clear-cut with me? And you’re mistaken, that book is not yours, it’s mine.”

“But I clearly saw a ‘Wang’ on the cover…..”



“Do not make me angry alright~”


I’ve lived for so long and this is the first time I’ve heard someone say ‘alright’ with such a murderous aura…..

“Shixiong, back then when you came to replace the real Mian Deng in this body, I’ve already noticed the changes. So from the time I was seven, the one I wanted to be intimate with, the one I desired, was a soul of unknown origins. But I did not care. I prayed that you would stay forever. I was worried that you were just a ghost borrowing this body so every day I had to help you cover up your exposed tail and kept your secret hidden.”

And when the dean discovered your abnormality, he requested the dark guards sent by the emperor to kill me to take care of you as well. On the day I came of age, the guards that my father left for me had taken them out, including the dean.

What went wrong was that that day, you happened to witness the onslaught….

That was probably when you began to distance yourself from me……

Wen Feng Jin placed his hand on Wang Xiao Mie’s face and fixed his gaze on him. In Wang Xiao Mie’s hair raising state, his straightened lips bent upwards.

“Now that you’ve known this secret, Shixiong, do you still reject me? Do you still think that the one I loved is this body’s owner?”

Wang Xiao Mie shook his head vigorously. He was worried that if he took too long to respond, the boss would be tempted to perish them together.

Furthermore, nothing was worse than finding out that your current boyfriend was actually your ex-boyfriend. And also an outsider would probably think that he was scum for cleanly forgetting someone who had painfully waited for him for so long. He even gave him a slap and told him not to treat him as a substitute!

Wang Xiao Mie swallowed hard: Wen Feng Jin’s temper is actually quite good.

Just as he thought so, he heard Wen Feng Jin said: “Shixiong, it’s been hard on me these past years….”

Wang Xiao Mie: “…..I was wrong! Plus I did not have my past memories. I, I couldn’t have possibly known. Oh that’s right, why didn’t you tell me this earlier?!”

Wen Feng Jin’s expression shifted for a bit before he eased up and said: “Those days you have just finally woke up. The memories of your death were too painful, I did not want you to remember them.”

“Is that so.” Wang Xiao Mie remembered what Wen Feng Jin recounted for him before. Near his end when they were hunted for the elixir, he seemed to have been tortured. And his death to both of them was a huge blow.

No wonder he did not want me to remember. 

Wang Xiao Mie’s tiny brain was muddled with the series of events. He sat in the coffin with a headache, trying to straighten out the logic.

Seeing Wang Xiao Mie swiftly trusted his words, Wen Feng Jin deepened his smile. 

Back then, the blood ritual was incomplete and he did not have the full control brought by it. If Shixiong remembered the things I did, what would I do if he leaves again?

And also…..a Shixiong with a sense of guilt towards me and wholeheartedly dependent on me…..

I quite like it.

But I have to be restrained, or else I would probably hurt him.

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  1. He`s very tormented and has been so for many years, so his mind is broken and numb as a result he can`t let go and he wont take chances… its really too tragic.
    My son, Feng Jin, mother loves you today as well


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    So it turns out Xiao Mie is a transmigrator(a bl one at that) who was tasked to care for our darling villain. Seeing as the villain grew up to be a very evil villain, our Miemie spectacularly failed his mission and got the boot! Well to be honest Feng Jin growing worse was partly Xiao Mie’s fault ahh. Still, to be stuck in a coffin beside a corpse for a thousand plus years…. Only a villain(read: serious mental case) can do that!

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    Thanks for translating 💕

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  4. I was despising Wen Feng Jin a lot… but with this explanation I kind of pity him. Buuuut obviously he didn’t tell WXM the whole truth.

    And about that blood ritual. Making Wang Xiao Mie drink his blood must be related to that. So if he keeps drinking his blood, WXM will have to obey all of WFJ’s orders? That’s not very nice.

    Thanks for the chapter! Ohh, I’ve caught up. Time to wait for the next chapter then.

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  5. I still don’t really get it. Can anybody explain what exactly happened to WXM? Those diary entries, from what time where they…? And did he read one or two diaries, because first it says one, then two, then one again…? And what happened to the orginal Mian Deng? I’m totally confused, to be honest.
    WFJ probably didn’t tell the whole truth, right? Pus, he manipulated WXM’s memories before, so I don’t know how much of what he says is true…


    1. in the beginning WXM was comparing his current diary with the old one WFJ gave him. The entries after that are all from the time he transmigrated and became Mian Deng over a thousand years ago. A third diary as kept by WFJ and he refused to let WXM read it.

      And yes, WFJ is hiding something as always. And he can only erase memories, not manipulate them.


      1. Thank you for the explanation. I’m still not sure if I fully get it, since it’s written in a confusing manner, but it’s starting to make more sense now.

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      2. Thank you very much for explaining. I’m still not sure I get everything because the author wrote it in a very confusing manner (to me, at least), but it’s starting to make more sense now. Thanks again.

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