IHSC Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Wang Xiao Mie sat up and took the cold outstretched hand. He stepped out of the coffin and started stretching his back, following behind Wen Feng Jin. He was then carried across the metal chain into one of the side halls.

Standing in front of the bronze mirror, Wang Xiao Mie stood still and let Wen Feng Jin tie his waistband and groom his clothes. He smacked his lips and sighed with satisfaction: “What a good man!”

Next, he was seated on a stool. The man’s robe was loose as he stood behind him to skillfully comb his hair. After a few strokes, his hair was perfectly styled. Wang Xiao Mie rubbed his thumb and forefinger to show the figure behind him.

“Honey, let’s make a heart shape.”

Wen Feng Jin spread his lips and chuckled with the mesmerizing pale blue face. He then returned his focus to tying Wang Xiao Mie’s hair. The slender fingers wound around his hair with meticulous care for fear that it would hurt him.

Heh, heh~~

What luck to have met such a handsome and considerate husband in this life. This was definitely unobtainable when he was alive, he did not even dare to dream. Unexpectedly after his death, he could live in a big house loaded with gold and silver and someone to care for him….

Weep I can die a happy death…. Oh wait, I’m already dead….

Wang Xiao Mie sat happily on the round stool and said: “Oh that’s right. If it wasn’t for the man named Zhen Bei, I wouldn’t know that the beads on this hairband are so precious. It’s better to put them away lest I lose them.”

He then asked: “Did you not know about their value?”

Wen Feng Jin: “Of course I know what they are.”

Wang Xiao Mie: “Then why do you use it as an ornament for a hairband?”

Wen Feng Jin: “Fish pearls are usually worn to bless the wearer with clear sight.”

Wang Xiao Mie: “….. you’re wasting away precious treasure.” Boss, I have perfect eyesight, I don’t need this thing.

“Shixiong deserves the best.” As Feng Wen Jin said this with no second thought. He was done tying the red hairband inlaid with gold dust and proceeded to put a jade crown on him.


Wang Xiao Mie sat on the stool with a straight face. 

Awww…. I think I’m in love.

Wang Xiao Mie stood up after his hair was done. Wen Feng Jin did not go on to dress himself but hugged him from the back with his chest bared.

From the bronze mirror, he could see the man sentimentally latched himself to him and buried his head on his shoulder.

“By the way, do you remember what happened that day with the tomb robber?”

Wang Xiao Mie was feeling itchy on his shoulder and was tempted to touch the hair on the other person’s head. He responded in surprise: “Why are you asking about this? Of course I remember. I was using the latrine and suddenly a man dropped down. Umm… he did not look like a bad person. In order to restore his brother’s eyesight, he came to look for the fish pearls which I gave to him in the end. But I know outsiders are not allowed in the tomb palace so I wanted Muyi to send him away….”

“Something wrong?”

“No. It’s nothing” 

“To tell you the truth, I was quite touched …. That day when we ate hotpot, although I said I’ll stay with you, I did not expect you to trust me unconditionally. I know the tomb palace is our house, they may have their difficulties but it is still stealing after all. And yet you weren’t even mad at me when I let him off….”

“Thank you Feng Jin.”

“It’s nothing. Whatever it is that you want, I will never refuse.”

Wen Feng Jin’s gentle face that was hidden behind Wang Xiao Mie’s shoulder showed a sinister smile. The black ominous pupils were filled with delight….


And I thought he was a big dumpling with a gloomy disposition, turns out he’s unexpectedly kind….Wang Xiao Mie thought with a tinge of guilt.

Because Wang Xiao Mie felt that he had wronged Wen Feng Jin by siding with outsiders, and also giving away the treasure Wen Feng Jin gave him, he was very accepting of Wen Feng Jin’s advances for the following days.

And the face fanatic Wang Xiao Mie was never shy to begin with. He couldn’t wait to get intimate with Wen Feng Jin on a daily basis. Before the day even ended, he would heh heh heh and hid in the coffin, waiting for Wen Feng Jin to ‘tackle’ him. 

A good husband with a good face, understanding, compliant, and super indulgence. I’m an idiot if I let him go!

After all, we’re both grown men, what’s there to be shy about?

Wang Xiao Mie thought in his heart: So we are at the dating stage now?

Wen Feng Jin: In my heart, we’re already at the stage of having babies (smirk).

“By the way, Mian Deng, what did you dream about today?” Wen Feng Jin asked out of the blue.

Wang Xiao Mie recounted the entire dream for him, then asked with uncertainty: “Say… will I really turn into someone else?”

“You won’t turn into someone else, you’ve always been you.” Wen Feng Jin said with unshakeable faith. “You’re only remembering the little parts. Later, more memories of our past will come back.”


Wang Xiao Mie nodded but was still carrying a frown. The dream was too realistic. He was conflicted whether it was his past memories or the memories of this body.

Wen Feng Jin: “But today is indeed my birthday….”

Wang Xiao Mie: “Ha?!!! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?!! A birthday …. Ai, we can’t get a cake now and there’s nothing to eat in the tomb palace….” let alone do something romantic.

Want to blow a candle and make a wish? Haha, sorry but the lights in our tomb are all mermaid lamps that have not been burned out even after more than a thousand years!

Seeing Wang Xiao Mie’s disappointed look, Wen Feng Jin said: “Since today is my birthday and you’ve also been cooped up in here for too long, I planned to take you outside to have a look.”

“Go out!?” Wang Xiao Mie widened his eyes. “Boss we’re zombies now! Big dumplings! The kind that bites and kills people in movies. What if we’re caught and experimented on?!”

Even if they weren’t caught, both of them have been living on a mountain of treasures, what if someone came and took away their home when they were out….

But he did want to go…

“Above our tomb is an expanse of mountain ranges with dangerous terrains. Also, the surroundings should now be covered with dense desolated forests. We’ll only go for a couple of hours…” Wen Feng Jin slowly combed his fingers through the hair of the person in front of him.

“Besides, I really want to watch the sunrise with you again…. Is that ok?” he smiled gently at Wang Xiao Mie.

Wang Xiao Mie: yes yes yes!

Gasp~ this dumpling is just too beautiful!

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  1. I’m good if my lover is obsesed, possessive, yandere to me. But, i won’t accept deception!

    Weell, all in all, i think nothing bad would happen. Though what FWJ did is so wrong and selfish.

    Hope this LN is (HE)

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    1. Ah~ you are not the only one~ I kinda bored with shou that lack of desire to take the initiatif or want to be intimate with his seme first, so WXM is really cute MC that fits the shou’s character that I like

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