RCFN Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Mo Di put to good use the fighting skills he learned from his previous life after leaving the Mo family on Zhu Wen Ze. 

Zhu Wen Ze’s eyes turned red in his anger and pain. He swore at Mo Di brutally but it was useless. The crew cut boy wanted to pull MoDi away but Mo Di kicked him in the calf and he knelt down in pain. 

Only when he heard that someone was coming then he released his hand and stepped aside.

“Mo Di, MoDi You’re dead!” the red eyed Zhu Wen Ze who was finally freed stood up and gave Mo Di a brutal kick.

“What are you doing? What are you doing?” At the door was a male doctor and a nurse. The male doctor quickly pulled Zhu Wen Ze away.

“What are you doing? This is a hospital ward. If you’re looking for trouble then get out. What’s worse, you’re hitting a patient who’s still sick, what’s your problem?”

“What are you guys trying to do? This kid has only got better these two days and you’re attacking him?” The elderly nurses nearby were also very displeased and they looked at Zhu Wen Ze and his friend like they were looking at a scumbag. 

Zhu Wen Ze’s face was red as beet and he was inexplicably embarrassed. He wanted to beat Mo Di till he was disabled but he knew that he could not continue, he could only give him a glare: “Don’t think that by pretending nobody would know your true face. Everyone in school is very clear. Just you wait and see!”

Zhu Wen Ze pushed the male doctor away and ran out of the ward. The other boy quickly followed him and left behind a sentence: “You people don’t think that he’s the good one, he’s just acting.”

The male doctor and the head nurse looked at each other and ignored the boys’ words. They just sighed in their hearts and could not help but felt sorry for the boy in front of them.

When the boy was sent here a week ago, it was almost a lost cause. It was not easy saving him from death. Not to mention that no family member had visited him the past few days, he even met up with these two today, it was really…ai.


As soon as the doctor wanted to say a few comforting words to Mo Di, he saw that Mo Di had turned and went back to his bed, covering himself completely in the blanket.

The small bulge on the bed looked pitiful and lonely. The male doctor paused and said: “Mo Di, don’t think too much. Have a good rest.” He then closed the door gently and left with the nurse.

In the blanket, Mo Di raised his hands to cover his face. Blue veins appeared on his slightly shaking hands. His eyes were deep red.

But it was not because of sadness or anger, it was of excitement.

He had changed it. He had changed the original plot. Changed his original ‘fate’. During this time in his previous life, he was violently forced to apologize, exposing his ‘malice’ and ‘hypocrisy’ and was ‘face slapped’ by Mo Liu Gui… and criticized by thousands of people.

But now at least he had managed to change one part of it.

Mo Di buried his face in the pillow. The corner of his mouth hooked and there was a hint of coldness in his eyes.

The next day, Mo Di got up early. Carrying his school bag, he went to complete his discharge procedure with the doctor.

Now that his allergic reaction had almost subsided, he did not need to be hospitalized. More importantly, he had a hunch that his fifth brother, Mo Wu Hang, would come to find trouble with him. He had to stay away for now.

After all, Mo Wu Hang was the most ruthless and impulsive of his five ‘brothers’. He did not forget that in his last life, after the Mo family had sent him to the mental hospital, to avenge Mo Liu Gui, Mo Wu Hang not only let people break his leg but also let the doctor inject him with morphine!

To be honest, dying at the hands of the mad man might have been a better end for him.

Mo Di’s eyes turned cold and he showed a sarcastic smile. But in the next moment, he turned back to the young and innocent student.

The doctor wanted Mo Di to stay a few more days to stabilize his condition but seeing Mo Di’s insistent, he had no choice but to agree.

“Your allergies have not fully subsided yet. When you go back, remember to rest. These medications have to be taken on time for at least three days, understood?”

“I’ll remember. Thank You.”

Mo Di nodded as he looked at the doctor sincerely and gratefully. The sunlight pouring from the window happened to shine on him, covering his white and tender cheek with a thin film of light. His clear eyes and long eyelashes brightened by the sunlight, making him look particularly good natured.

This good natured appearance made the head nurse beside him felt soft and she added: “Also some food cannot be eaten. Chives and donkey meat, all these things don’t touch them.”

“Um, thank you aunty. I’ll remember.” Mo Di smiled at the head nurse and a little dimple appeared on his right cheek.

“How obedient.” The head nurse’s eyes became more loving and then she thought of something and said: “Those two troublemaker who came yesterday, are they your classmates? When you return to school you should look out for them. They didn’t visit you when you were in emergency care. You’re still sick and yet they wanted to hit you, those two aren’t good children!”

Mo Di did not speak anymore. He nodded then lowered his head, waiting for the doctor to write his prescription.

The head nurse looked at the child whose eyes had turned a little red and sighed with sympathy. At the same time she also felt all the more dislike towards the two male students. Those two probably also regularly bullied others. They looked decent but are actually jerks.

Mo Di’s lip angle slightly moved then returned to normal.

Sure enough, just as he thought last night. The fundamental core principle of the world – everyone loves Mo Liu Gui and hates Mo Di – this effect’s coverage was actually limited. It could not affect the passer-by or those who weren’t even passer-by.

He had a conjecture, or rather an unknown premotionition that if he wanted to change his original destiny, or the original track of the world, he should not only change the direction of the plot but also strive to win as many favors and biases as possible from the people outside of the protagonist’s camp!

After all, he was a lone weak person. Even if he tried his best to change the way things happened, if by any chance he was forced into the mental hospital again and nobody helped him, what was the use of his efforts?!

He never thought that he had a chance against everyone who loved Mo Liu Gui. After all, it was not just the Mo family but also the male leads, most of whom had powerful identities. That was how they managed to dote Mo Liu Gui to the heavens, making her the most admired ‘princess’ in the whole country. If these people joined up to deal with him, he did not think he could survive.

Mo Di clenched his fists and grinded his teeth.

In any case, he would not allow himself to share the same fate as his last life. And he will definitely not let himself be pushed to such an end like a sad clown. 

He will do everything to change the direction of his fate and the trajectory of the world. He had to gain favor and win over the good faith from those who could help him even if he had to disguise himself and take advantage of others.

As long as he could change his original fate!

After the discharge procedure, Mo Di thanked the doctor and head nurse. He then left the hospital.

The sun was shining bright outside the hospital, covering everything with a gold film. Mo Di wore his school uniform and backpack, walking on the pathway and pondering where he should lodge. 

But before he could come up with a solution, Mo Di’s pupil unconditionally shrank slightly. He stared at a tall figure at the intersection in front.

That, that man was Mu….

Mu Tian Heng?!!!

In his last life, before his death, Mu Tian Heng was the world’s third richest man. He was even more powerful and renowned compared to Hua Xia’s richest man, Qin Guo Shen! That Mu Tian Heng?!!!

Mo Di breathed slowly and looked at the tall and handsome man more than ten meters away who carried an indescribable momentum and nobility. He unconsciously stopped his step.

What’s this? How could Mu Tian Heng be in the capital? Shouldn’t he be in America at this time?

Besides, wasn’t he a handicap? His leg, why did they seem…normal?!!

Mu Tian Heng did not discover Mo Di’s line of sight. Or rather he was already used to being in the spotlight at any occasion and numbed to the gazes that cast on him. He walked towards a Maybach parked on the side of the road, opened the door and got in.

A golden hair and blue eyed man in the copilot seat was grinning and let out a howl. Turned his head and said to Mu Tian Heng: “Mu, I’m dead jealous of you.”

“What?” Mu Tian Heng glanced at Lai De Si, slightly raised his eyebrow and smiled casually: “I know you’re not as good as me but I still want to remind you not to be envious. Facing up to the gap between us is conducive to your personal growth.”

“Yeah right!” Lai De Si choked and grinded his teeth: “I think all those pretty boys and girls who like you are all blind. You have such a poisonous mouth yet there are waves of beautiful people queuing up to like you?!”

Mu Tian Heng smiled and looked at Lai De Si: “I know you’re still jealous.”

Lai De Si rolled his eyes: “Che!”

He took a look at the childhood friend whose eyes were as if carved from the star. A casual smile could bring a charm like the melting snow in the spring. From his fingertips to hair, there was a presence of prestige. Lai De Si told himself not to be angered by this pervert. There’s always a mountain higher. He himself was also a popular, talented, and good looking man. There’s no reason to compare himself to this pervert who had an excellent brain and body. Don’t mind, don’t mind. 

“I’m too lazy to give a damn about you!”

Lai De Si grunted, ready to take another look at the beautiful young man to comfort his eyes.

Ai, actually he was jealous. He can see at a glance that the kid just now was a gem amongst the beautiful youngsters. That waist, that leg, and that face, were just that! Unfortunately one look and he was mesmerized by that animal Mu Tian Heng. Just now, once he looked at Mu Tian Heng he even stopped walking. Heaven does not have eyes!!

Seeing Lai De Si looking back, Mu Tian Heng also glanced back casually, just in time to see a very handsome young man turning away.


The teenager’s halo-like side face was slightly drooping. The high and delicate nose bridge divided the light and shadow. The tip of his eyes were like a landscape painting, a slow long stroke that was curved then carefully let the color sink in. Extremely hard to describe yet very attractive. Even from a distance, Mu Tian Heng could almost see the dark jade like luster in his eyes. And the long eyelashes under the sunshine added a charming touch to the painting. 

“You beast!” Not letting Mu Tian Heng enjoy another second, Lai De Si’s voice exploded in Mu Tian Heng’s ears, “You beast, stop looking!”


Mu Tian Heng retrieved his sight and looked at Lai De Si: “What? You can look but I can’t?”

“We’re different. I’m just simply appreciating the view. Can’t say the same for you.”Lai De Si did not expect that in a flash, this ‘animal in disguise’ Mu Tian Heng was already eyeing the boy. It’s just infuriating!

“What’s the difference? I’m not a playboy who would casually hook up with anyone.” Mu Tian Heng evaluated himself. He was definitely a clean person in his private life and would not start relationships casually.

“I’m not saying that you would casually hook up with others.” Lai De Si said: “It’s just that you’re very likely to hook up with this kid. To be honest, just before you got in the car, that kid was already looking at you. He was stunned just by looking at you and even forgot to walk. One look and he’s already fascinated by you. It’s particularly annoying!”

“Is that so?”

Mu Tian Heng suddenly smiled, narrowed his eyes and shifted his long legs: “Although saying this might sound a little narcissistic, I still want to clarify. Even if this little guy really likes me, I do not have any intentions towards such a small child.”

Lai De Si: “Ha Ha.”

Meanwhile, Mo Di saw Mu Tian Heng got into the car. He quickly jotted down the license plate and then left.

He did not know why Mu Tian Heng would be in the capital at this time but combined with his previous life, he could not help but make a conjecture. Maybe Mu Tian Heng came to the capital for some reason the year before his company was listed and somehow something happened which led to the disability of his right leg!

And that leg could not be cured at all. In an interview regarding Mu Tian Heng’s company on its first anniversary, that disabled leg, along with his youth, talent, and noble appearance, were attached to his reputation and spread throughout the world.

But the handicapped yet still incredibly talented Mu Tian Heng were mentioned in less than ten lines in the book. It was in the extra chapters when Qin Cheng Yi and Mo Liu Gui were talking in bed and they happened to mention him as “a lame and twisted rich old man” to contrast Qin Cheng Yi’s youth and talent. And this not-even-deserved-to-be-a-cannon-fodder old man, isn’t he the most suitable one for him to approach?!!

As for the “twisted” part, what exactly was it referring to? He was not too bothered by it. As long as he could achieve his goal, as long as he could ‘use’ the old man’s connections and abilities, he could handle anything.

Mo Di recovered his focus and hid the flash in his eyes. He bit his teeth and turned to call a cab. He decided that for the sake of his plan, he would have to make a trip back to the Mo house. 

“Uncle. Please hurry. I have an urgent matter.”

“Got it.”

The driver uncle stepped on the accelerator and the car joined the traffic.

After Mo Di settle down, he turned on his phone to check the whereabouts of Mo Wu Hang. Although for the plan to work, he had to have his laptop and bank card but if those brothers were home then he could only change to another day.

Mo Di opened his friends’ group chat and happened to see Mo Liu Gui’s recent post.

“I’ll be out of the hospital soon. My brothers are doing the discharge procedures. Thank you for everyone’s concern! [heart][heart][heart] these few days in the hospital it was not very comfortable but good thing dad, mom, grandpa, and my brothers accompanied me. Alot of classmates also came to visit. I also felt there’s nothing to it now, I’m already very happy. Love you all! And everyone please don’t blame my little brother, he didn’t mean to and I was also wrong. It’s almost the college entrance exam, I hope you all will pay attention to your health so we can fight together!!!”

Below were a few welcomes and blessings, as well as… the expected mockery towards his accusation.

“Our goddess Liu Gui is coming back, scattering flowers!!!”

“It’s good that you’re ok. Seeing you faint from crying scared me to death. I was so worried and scared. Xiao Gui, you are too kind. It’s all because of that Mo Di, if not you won’t fall ill. Who could remember what he’s allergic to. Even pretended that he’s dying because of it. Such a drama queen.”

“Liu Gui please have a full check up. Confirm that there’s no problem before leaving the hospital. We’re waiting for your return! That Mo Di is too vicious! Stop being kind to him or you’ll be taken advantage of. You’ve treated him so well yet he’s still ungrateful!”

“Liu Gui’s father, mother, and brothers are all so good. How loving! Sour with envy!!!”

“Although the goddess said that he was not to blame but I’m still mad. As expected the goddess is a princess inside out. She is too kind. Just let that Mo Di make a fool of himself!”


Mo Di took a quick look, turned off the chat interface and smiled lightly.

In fact, he was glad that he was not forced to apologize in this life. In turn, Mo Liu Gui posted one less sentence which would have stated that she accepted his apology, and hence not making his ‘accusation’ a sealed deal and the posts that swear at him were not as many.

Really… worthy to be congratulated.

Hearing Mo Di’s sudden laugh, the driver in front asked: “What’s up? What are you smiling at, little fellow?”

“It’s nothing, uncle.”

Mo Di smiled but his voice was not warm: “I just happened to see something interesting.”

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  1. I have a strong urge to punch every person associated with the female protagonist and the female protagonist herself
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  4. I really dislike his family. WTF how could they be so vicious he almost died from that drink yet everyone fussing over her like she’s the one who almost kicked the bucket.
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